“Jelena is a rockstar! I have to say that we met online and being the “non techie” mompreneur, I'm all about working smarter and not harder when it comes to my business. I even have a tech mantra, “If I don't know how to do it, screw it! I'll find someone who does.” Well, that's what Jelena has been for me! She is a tech guru who is super smart in all the areas where I'm not! I've outsourced many things to her for my own business and she is extremely easy to work with, she knows her stuff, and is super quick! If you're thinking of working with her, jump all in because she is huge asset to have!” 

Sherri Brown

Stay At Home Mompreneur

“For me having that success in my online business, I only like to partner with people that are already leaders in their industry. So if you're looking for someone to coach you and someone to generate leads and make sales online, and ultimately help you build the business of your dreams, then I highly recommend Jelena. Trust me, you're gonna love working with her!”

Alex Ford

Home Business Professional

“Having been an entrepreneur for many years, I see a lot of noise out there, and I look to cut through it and find the people who really walk the walk; that’s when I came across Jelena. She knows the most up to date marketing and branding strategies to help you move forward in any area of your business, and she’s always learning new things daily – I don’t know how she does it! The things I’ve learnt from her, and implemented in my business have produced huge results for me. If you get the chance to work with Jelena, I would take it right away, she’ll be a huge asset to you.”

Kay Somji

Badass Entrepreneur

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