What does it really take to reach the network marketing success? That's the question most marketers ask themselves. And one of the most important things in any business is communication skills. It always comes down to your ability to communicate with prospects, whether it is chatting on Facebook or talking on the phone.

First of all, let me ask you a question – Why do people buy? What triggers them to buy from specific companies or people?

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The number one factor is trust and credibility. That's the ultimate thing you should be focusing your marketing efforts on. And in order to create trust and credibility with your audience is by providing value – giving them what they want, and that is either a blog post with the content they're looking for, or a video, or a status update. You should think about what are your target market's problems, what are they struggling with, what are their pains and desires? When you understand that, it'll be easy to produce more content and build relationships with your audience.

So when you have established relationships with your target market, of course, it's easier to provide them solutions to their problems, such as sell them different courses, systems, and get them to join you in your business. But unless you actually communicate with them through any available channel (Email, Social Media, Phone), no sales are going to happen. That's just the way it is. 

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If you don't follow up with your leads, don't expect any changes in your business. It doesn't matter HOW you follow up, you HAVE to do this. Ask better questions

And during your communication with your leads, you should ask them questions, to figure out where they're at, what are their biggest challenges, what are they looking for, and how your products or services can help them. The one thing that you should always remember, it's NOT about you, it's about THEM. When you truly care about your audience, they will feel that and more likely they will wanna work with you.

In the video below I shared the exact 2 types of questions, that you should be asking your leads:

  • Open Ended Questions – to extract information from your leads.
  • Close Ended Questions – to get your leads to answer “yes” or “no”. 

So watch the video presentation, where I shared that more in details and the examples that you can use in your marketing.

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