What's the Secret to Success?

So what's the secret to success? That's one of the most common questions that I hear all the time – on Social Media, at the events, on the webinars.

Everyone is looking for a magic pill, for a miracle, that's going to allow them to magically make all the money in the world, be rich, travel the world, and all of that good stuff.

In reality, there is no magic pill. Success takes hard work, effort, energy and time. There's no such thing as “overnight success”. When you see all the success stories in the home business industry, and you think that there is some kind of a secret to success, there really isn't. When you actually learn the story of every successful leader, you'll know what it really took them to get to the place where they are right now. They all went through struggles, limiting beliefs, doubts. This all happened to everyone. You're not the only one. 

So I was on a webinar the other day, where one of the best leader in the industry, the attraction marketing queen Diane Hochman exposed her so called “secrets to success”, what it really takes. And if you start implementing them in your business, you will see tremendous changes and results.


Whenever you begin something, whether a new business, or you're starting to execute a new marketing strategy, you have to work on your mindset.

You have to believe, that what you're doing is POSSIBLE! Everything is achievable.Jelena Ostrovska and Shaqir Hussyin

Environment is not about the people around you, it's all about YOU. You have to work on Yourself first, or otherwise no strategy will work for you.

And of course, when you surround yourself with positive, like-minded people, chances are, you will become successful.

How do you do that? You attend webinars, live events. You join systems where you can get access to the leaders.

Change your environment, and your business will change.

Don't expect things to change, if you don't want to change. Click To Tweet


As you may already know, network marketing business is a business of relationships. Don't ever try to sign someone up in your business or in whatever you're promoting right away. It's not gonna happen. People join people they know, like, and trust. Not the other way around.

Focus on making a friend, a friend for long term. Meet new  people daily, add value to their lives, and aim to become life long friends.

Stop focusing on making a sale. When you focus on adding value to people's lives and making relationships, sales will happen.

And over time your network will grow exponentially, without you even realizing it. You will meet people, that will introduce you to more and more people.

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3.Build Your List

You need to brand yourself from the very beginning, from Day 1, when you start. This is so critical. 

Most people in network marketing industry start creating Facebook Fan Pages with the company names, that's the most common example and mistake. 

So what happens when the company goes down? They have to start from scratch. All over again. 

Don't ever make that mistake! Brand YOUR name. Build YOUR list. Attract people to YOU. And you're going to make it happen in any business. 

Your list is the number 1 growing asset. 

4.Pick Partners Carefully

You need to choose wisely what company to join, what products to promote, what systems to join. Choose carefully what you share with your lists, and what you sell them.

And when it comes to people who you choose to work with, it's completely up to. That's the beauty of this industry. You get to pick who to work with. How cool is that? 

So you may want to work with professionals – lawyers, businessmen, doctors. Or maybe you wanna work with university or high school students? 

It's your choice. You decide on your target audience.

5.Self Education

Have you ever heard this quote? 

Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune. ~ Jim Rohn Click To Tweet

Most likely you have. That's one of my favorite quotes. And guess why I didn't apply to college? 

The best part about it is again – you have a freedom of CHOICE. Choose what to learn, choose what to invest in and what not to invest in. You take complete responsibility of your education. 

There are so many ways to get educated online, there are systems, there are courses. So you MUST invest in your education, just like in any university or college. You pay to get a degree. The same thing in online education. 

And the most important aspect of self education is Execution – actually doing what you learn. Don't waste your time. Learn the skills, and practice. Practice is one of the best tools to learn more and to sharpen your skills. 

6.You Must Have a Mastermind

Being a part of a mastermind will fast track your success. You need to be surrounded by people that actually care. So pick the people that you work with wisely. And the best part about a mastermind is there are all different kinds of people with different skills and abilities, and you will learn something new from each other. 

So if you don't have a mastermind group, if you don't have the support that you need, check this community out. It's the best place to learn from the best, sharpen the skills, and get the support that you may lack now.

7.Attend Live Events

We're all human natures, and getting together LIVE is a lot more different than just chatting Jelena Ostrovska with John Chowonline. Live events is the place where you not only learn from the best marketers on the planet, but you also make new connections and friendships. 

A lot more success stories are created after live events. Big things always happen there. 

There are no established industry leaders who have never got to any live events. 

So if you're planning to be in the online marketing industry for long term, you absolutely MUST attend live events.

So there you have it. There's absolutely no secret to success, no magic pill. It obviously takes time and effort, and a lot of commitment, if you really want to become successful. And if you implement the 7 “secrets” that I listed in this post, you will start seeing results! 

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