Welcome to The Social Influencers Network! Super excited that you’re here so roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn how to grow your business online, how to create more leverage, generate more leads, and ultimately… how to create the lifestyle with no limits. 

But, before we get started, we’ve gotta nail down and make sure you’re super clear on the society rules.  

By remaining a part of this society, you are agreeing to them and if at any time you aren’t happy or don’t want to follow them, just leave the group and it’s all good. 

I just want to ensure that the ones in here, truly want to be and creating a “safe” community is definitely a priority.  

#1 No Promotions of Any Kind

Just to be clear, please do NOT post about your products, services, events, links to your content (blog, YT channel, other videos), affiliate links of any kind, graphics with your branding, and not even “free” offers, etc.  Clear?!    

What you CAN do is engage, be social, ask questions, etc. but be cool and respect the platform.  People can see through those who aren’t genuine so seek to serve others and I can assure you that it will come back around to you.  

#2 No Recruiting 

Again, if you’re only here to self promote, then feel free to bounce but this is a safe zone.  So NO pm’ing people or trying to use this group as a way to simply grow your business because it’s not cool and it won’t be tolerated.  

If someone complains that you pitched them, you will be banned with no questions asked!  

#3 No Negativity or Drama

If you know me, I have almost zero patience, especially for negativity and drama. If you’re someone who spreads around negative energy, it ain’t cool, and I don’t tolerate that in my group.

On top of it, please be nice to others in the group. Nobody likes jerks anyways, so stay cool.

#4 Please Do Not Add Anyone to This Group

If you know someone who could benefit, just have them sign up by going to www.TheUnlimitedEntrepreneur.com and they’ll get access.  

Again, so excited you’re here and I look forward to helping you grow your biz like a pro!

Jelena Ostrovska