well, hey there!

Since you’re here, it just means you wanted to learn more about me. 

Good news – I won’t bore you with my lifelong story here.  Just some key facts that’ll matter or may be interesting for you. 

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how it all started

2013 – my parents introduced me to network marketing, and I made $0 that year while still in high school (I was 18).

2014 – graduated from high school and didn’t go to college, struggled real bad but was making a little bit of money.

2015 – traveled to the US by myself for the first time, finally started turning a profit, added affiliate marketing as another income stream.

2016 – my network marketing business at the time got shut down, and I was invited to take a coaching certification – officially started coaching business owners.

2017 – spoke on stage in front of 500+ people, at that point coached dozens of entrepreneurs.

2018 – another year, another huge speaking opportunity, was still messing with home business while coaching, also hosted our first LIVE workshop in Central America that was sold out.

2019 – traveled 5 months out of the year, another sold out workshop hosted, full time coaching, quit network marketing for good.

2020 – a year to remember.. 😅 Stayed home and worked my butt off, and took a 2.5 month trip to Mexico and US (if you judge, go ahead and leave now).

2021 – loading…

fun facts

how we can work together

If you simply got to this page just to learn a couple things about me before pulling the trigger on working together, then lemme tell you all about my services. 

I’ve worked with people from different niches, but primarily it’s always been coaches and personal brands. 

My specialty is content marketing and organic growth on social media. So we offer services related to that.