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Good news – I won’t bore you with my lifelong story here.  Just some key facts that’ll matter or may be interesting for you. 

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Got involved in my first business (network marketing) at the age of 18, while still in high school, thanks to my parents. Didn’t go to college and pursued the ‘online business dream’. 

All my friends told me I was crazy and that starting your own business is super risky, and it’s ‘safer’ to use my straight A diploma to go to college and follow a traditional path.

After the network marketing roller coaster, got certified as a business and marketing coach, and ended up coaching dozens of small business owners. (Not bad for a 21 year old at the time). 

Got recognized for the success in my digital marketing business on stage, as well as spoke on stages in front of hundreds of people, teaching the audiences how to leverage social media for business growth.

In 2021 made a huge pivot and started taking on clients for social media management and consulting. And that’s what I’m working on today. 🙂

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