Want to know the best productivity strategies that will help your business grow exponentially?

Productivity always comes down to your habits. There are serving and non-serving habits, so you have to work on developing the first and eliminating the latter.

There’s 7 habits that will absolutely kills your business.

Best Productivity Strategies: Comparitis

When you’re in the industry like online marketing, you get to see a LOT of people. Lots of successful ones. And as a general rule of thumb we tend to compare ourselves to them.

That happens especially when first get started, and that definitely makes your growth super slow. Never compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter twenty. It’ll only make you depressed.

Instead, learn as much as you can from your “idol”, and implement into your business. That’s the only way to get results and get closer to your goals.

Best Productivity Strategies: Consumption

Our mind is a powerful thing, and whatever we put into it is the outcome we’re going to get. Why do you think so many people cut out the news (including myself)? That negativity is going to clog up your mind.

When you are in a negative state, it won’t help you grow. Your energy will be low, and you won’t perform at your highest potential.

Fill up your mind with personal development. Start reading books. Listen to personal development podcasts. Surround yourself with uplifting people.

Best Productivity Strategies: Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be good or bad. It’s bad if it prevents you from taking action, launching a program, doing a webinar, etc. When you’re trying to get things perfect, you are taking so much time.

Remember, perfectionism is simply a form of procrastination. It doesn’t move you forward EVER. Instead, take imperfect action and improve along the way.

More of the best productivity strategies in the video

In the video below I share 4 more of the habits that will keep your business stuck for ages. If you want to move it forward, then be sure to watch it and share with a friend.