Wanna know what’s the best social media platform for entrepreneurs to get more clients?

With all the platforms available out there, it’s always hard to decide which one is the best for YOU and YOUR business.

You physically won’t be able to manage all of them, unless you have a team in place to help.

The question is – what’s the best? I’m here to help and tell you which one you need to go with, for best results.

Best Social Media Platform Tip #1:

Know your business model! In my opinion, it starts with knowing what kinda business are you running. Depending on that, you can make an education decision where to go..

If you are in professional services like real estate or B2B, then LinkedIn might be your best bet. In other case like targeting millennials, you may wanna consider Instagram because of its demographic.

Best Social Media Platform Tip #2:

Know your audience! This tip is deeply connected with the first one – when you know your business model, you MUST know your ideal customer. Ask yourself – “who is my dream client?”. If you were to work with an ideal person, describe them. Is it a specific gender, age range, do they live in a certain country, what books they’re reading..

You’ll never be able to choose the perfect social media platform for your business, if you don’t know your customer “inside and out” (almost literally!). The decision of choosing the best social media platform comes down to knowing WHO you want to attract. Period.

Best Social Media Platform Tip #3:

What content type are you already good at? Different social media platforms are focused on different types of content. For example, if you’re a photographer, you’re gonna LOVE Instagram, because its focus is images (and videos). For visual entrepreneurs there’s no better place than Instagram.

Like mentioned earlier, if you’re trying to attract professionals and you want to write articles – consider LinkedIn. Are you naturally good at public speaking and talking to camera? Go full forces on YouTube!

Think about it, if you’re REALLY BAD at images – Instagram won’t help you, as you’ll despise every second of it. Same thing applies to video marketing. Start using your strengths more than your weaknesses.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform – More Insights in the Video

In the video below I dive way more into details about each platform that you can use to get more clients in your business. I talk much in depth about Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and I also touch on LinkedIn quite a bit. Enjoy!