How to Start and Grow Successful YouTube Channel in 2019

Do you want to know what it takes to start and grow successful YouTube channel? Maybe you’re already good at creating video content, but YouTube just scares the heck out of you? In this article and video you’re going to learn the step-by-step process to start and grow successful YouTube channel in 2019 and beyond. […]

3 Key Steps to Effective Video Marketing Strategy

How do you create effective video marketing strategy that fits your schedule? Every single one of us is different. Maybe you have a full time job. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you have family or kids. You always have to adjust your schedule to make the most out of every spare hour or minute that you […]

7 Ways to Optimize YouTube Videos For Maximum Traffic

If you wanna get massive exposure and more traffic, then you gotta know how to optimize YouTube videos. (Hopefully, you’re using videos already!) The reason traffic is important for you is if you’re creating high quality content, but nobody sees it, what’s the point? Your goal of videos or any type of content is to […]

How to Overcome the Fear of Video Marketing & Be More Confident

How do you overcome the fear of video marketing? How do you increase your level of confidence? That is something a lot of people struggle with. A lot of people that I know are introverted and not really comfortable with getting in front of the camera to record a video. That was me in the […]

Scripted VS Unscripted Video – How to Get Better at Video

Scripted VS unscripted video – what’s better? That’s the question I got a couple days ago, so wanted to share my answer with you.  How should you record every video? Do you need to script every video? Do you take notes before you record a video? Or you just freestyle? All of those are very […]