Content planning is one of those things that not a lot of entrepreneurs are sticking to..

And that’s the whole problem why most people are simply not consistent with their content. Especially major pieces of content, such as YouTube videos.

Content planning, or content batching is going to be the game changer for you, so you can gain back your consistency with content.

In this post and video I’m sharing my entire process of how I’m able to record 10 videos in ONE day, and how you can too!

Content Planning Tip #1:

What’s Your Platform? First off, you have to identify which social media platform you’re going to put your full focus on. If it’s going to be Instagram, go for it. Maybe you want to go full forces on YouTube? Do it!!

What if you want to pursue a few platforms at the same time? In this case I’d only recommend 2 platforms max. Simply because it’s physically and emotionally draining being consistent on more than that.

Content Planning Tip #2:

What’s Your Consistency? Once you know your platform/s of choice, it’s time to decide how consistent you are going to be. If you’re on Instagram, are you going to post twice a day or once a day?

Decided to go for YouTube? How many videos do you intend to post on a weekly basis? Make sure it’s not something overly crazy, but instead doable so you CAN stay consistent with that.

Content Planning Tip #3:

Organize Your Content Topics. That’s where the fun part comes in (and one of the most time consuming ones) – actually planning your content. Here you have to sit down and plan what you’re going to cover in your content.

In the video above I’m sharing how I do it, as well as the tools I’m using. Generally, it takes me about 2 hours to plan 10-12 videos. After that comes the recording and editing process.

More Content Planning Tips in the Video

There’s more madness to this content planning process, which I talk all about in the video above. So be sure to watch it, so you can confidently get to creating amazing content quicker than you ever have!