In this Expert Secrets book review I’ll share with you if it’s worth reading it, and 5 of the biggest lessons from the book.

Russell Brunson is the best selling author of DotCom Secrets (which is the first book he published). And Expert Secrets was released thereafter. Is it worth the hype though?

Expert Secrets Book Review Lesson #1:

The riches are in the niches! When growing a business online, you can’t be “too generic”; it’s just not going to work. Imagine, when you visit a doctor, you always go to a specialist, be it pediatrician or orthodontist. You never go to a doctor, who supposedly “knows everything”. Doctors that are specializing in one particular area, always have the most clients, and make the most amount of money.

The same exact thing applies in business. When you specialize in one area instead of being spread out into multiple different directions, that’s when things are going to change. Being generic will never help you grow a massive business.

Expert Secrets Book Review Lesson #2:

Being polar is what attracts raving fans! When you build your personal brand online, you can’t expect to be liked by everybody; it’s just not possible. Think about all the big brands and influencers – they all have haters. That’s perfectly fine.

As an expert and as a leader you must stand for something that other people may disagree with. Guess what? There’s going to be another smaller group of people that will 100% agree with your opinion. Those are your true fans.

Expert Secrets Book Review Lesson #3:

Convince people emotionally first, before they’ll be excited by your logic. They use logic to justify the purchase decision they’ve already made. Keep in mind, we as humans always make buying decisions with our emotions. And only then we justify them with logic.

Expert Secrets Book Review – More Lessons in the Video

In the video below 2 more lessons from the Expert Secrets book, so be sure to check it out.