Do you want to learn how to get Instagram followers organically in 2019? There’s 6 simple steps that you need to follow consistently to increase your audience.

There’s no need to use bots or automation, because that’s going to ruin your algorithm as well as organic reach.

Get Instagram Followers Organically Step #1:

The key to growing an audience with any social media platform is high quality content. Nothing ever beats that. You can have a great following, but if your content is not up to par, no one is going to care.

Some people told me that you can get away with short captions on Instagram. Partially that’s true, but I recommend to treat each of your posts as a mini-blog post.

Get Instagram Followers Organically Step #2:

On top of content creation you must expand your audience every single day. On Instagram in the beginning you do have to put in a lot of hours into that.

One of the best ways to expand your audience is through hashtag research. Not only do you want to use them in your posts, but also find targeted people through them.

Another strategy you can use to connect with more people is through influencers’ pages. They always have crazy engagement on their posts, so become a part of the conversation. Start engaging with people and become social. That’s going to be one of the keys to your Instagram growth in 2019.

Get Instagram Followers Organically Step #3:

Like I mentioned in the point above, you have to be social. It’s called “social media” for a reason. Be sure to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to interact with people on Instagram.

How do you expect others to find out about your page? In the beginning stages, you have to go out and show up for people to notice you.

Get Instagram Followers Organically Step #4:

Instagram is a pretty versatile social media platform, and it’s beneficial to use everything it has to offer. Moving forward, Facebook AND Instagram put huge focus on Stories.

That’s the place where you can share behind-the-scenes of your life and business. And as we know, they disappear after 24 hours.

Get Instagram Followers Organically Step #5:

Start connecting with other influencers in your niche. It doesn’t have to be people who have millions of followers, because they’re obviously very hard to reach.

Find people who have either similar account size to you or slightly bigger. Start building the relationship, engage with their content, get them to notice you.

This type of connection can definitely lead to possible future collaborations.

Get Instagram Followers Organically Step #6:

The magic is always in the DM’s. Did I mention the importance of building the relationship? This is going to be crucial for your overall growth on Instagram.

When you get a new follower, send them a direct message. Start connecting with people one-on-one. Most people don’t do that, so this is going to be something that will allow you to stand out.

Did you get value from these Instagram Growth Hacks?

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