Would you like to maximize Facebook groups so you can build a highly targeted and engaged audience for any business?

Facebook groups is still a great strategy up to this day to build a community of qualified people.

You can also nurture that community and build relationships with them.

However, there’s also a strategy behind growing a successful Facebook group. You have to have a system in place to make sure it grows.

Maximize Facebook Groups Tip #1:

Who are you trying to attract with your Facebook community? It’s all about having a clear avatar that is going to be a perfect fit.

You can’t go out there and target everybody under the sun for your group. Figure out your niche and who is your ideal customer.

What’s their age range? Where do they live? Who do they follow? What are their biggest challenges?

Maximize Facebook Groups Tip #2:

The best part about using Facebook groups for growing a targeted audience is you can either create your own or use groups of other people.

I personally use both strategies. However, if you’re just starting out in your business, I suggest building your audience through networking in other groups.

After that you can launch your own community.

Maximize Facebook Groups Tip #3:

When using your own group, there’s two types you can create. You can start a free community or you can charge a monthly fee for people to be a part of your group.

Worth mentioning, that it’s best to start a paid community once you have a decent sized audience on social media or a big email list.

When it comes to using free groups, it must be specific and you have to have a solid content strategy in place to make sure people are engaged.

In the video below I talk about that in more details, so be sure to watch that. I also talk about all the possible ways you can leverage other people’s groups to build your own following.