I'm now averaging 1-2 sales every day. With the content Jelena's teaching you're going to learn how to attract your ideal clients, she gave me really good insights on how to use Facebook groups. And I think with Jelena's content strategy I'll be able to double my sales in the next weeks ahead.
Hassan Agrou
Affiliate Marketer
Jelena is the MOST amazing coach. She has a way of looking at complicated problems and zeroing in on the most direct, simple way to move forward.
Lisa Capron
Holistic Coach
Jelena is an awesome social media coach. She told me exactly what I needed to change with my online marketing approach to get real success, I would recommend her to anyone.
Camille Tyler
Online Marketing Coach
I had Jelena as a coach for several months and she took me from newbie marketer (with hardly ANY experience or ANY results) to getting leads online, learning how to post, what to post and actually getting real results in my business. We created a lead magnet, a website and within 60 days in my new network marketing company I was able to rank advance 7 times and I've been able to help other people to the same. So if you're looking for a coach, and a pretty cool chick, Jelena is your girl!
Steph Shinabery
Digital Marketer
How do I describe my mentor Jelena Ostrovska? Completely Awesome! 
Working with Jelena completely transformed my business in less than 6 weeks. Once I implemented her strategies, my social media engagement tripled and I even made $1,000 from doing one FB live. I’m getting more leads every day and my emails are converting. She intuitively knew the answers to my questions before I asked them and each session was solid gold! Signing up for a mentorship with Jelena was the best decision I’ve made for my business!
Gena Pino testimonial
Gena Pino
Online Marketer
I've worked with Jelena for about 5 years, she's an incredible marketer, leader and coach. Before I met her, I've been in the network marketing industry for about 5 years and although I've had some success, I wasn't enjoying what I was doing. Jelena introduced me to Attraction Marketing, so after working with her and getting her guidance, I started having people reach out to me interested in my offers, as well as I've been having sales & sign ups on autopilot. In the last few years I've been able to make multiple 6 figures from network marketing, affiliate marketing & coaching. I've had coaching clients paying me $2,000 per MONTH and $5,000 for one coaching package. I now feel in control of my business and also of my business!
Alex Ford
Online Marketing Coach
I have been following Jelena’s trainings through a few different phases of my work from home life. I followed along during being with MLMs and then continued when I opened up my own small online retail business. I have learned from her Attraction Marketing, Content Creation and tons of tips and tricks for success. When I felt discouraged to share content and promote my business / products during these hard times Jelena encouraged me to keep on going! She made me realize people need my product right now, to make them feel good! I’m a new retail shop so I have been a busy bee with product production and hadn’t yet begun to implement a content creation method (cue Jelena’s recommendation to try out Trello!): So I started putting what I learned to work. Using the tools she taught me and using Trello I began to have a much easier time creating more effective content and the sales began to pop up left and right! Thank you SO much Jelena for all you do!
Kelsey Turner
Jewelry Designer
I first met Jelena when she was 21 and introduced me to a business that I am still in now. Jelena is a force of nature and just gets shit done! And ensures her students do too. She has coached me. Yes even as a coach I have a coach and Jelena is one of the best. A rare young coach and entrepreneur and I think she is 26 now. Scary to think what she will achieve in the next 5 years. If you want to be successful online then I suggest you hire Jelena. You won’t regret it!
Nick East
Entrepreneur & Business Coach
If you had a Netflix show, I would binge watch it. Your content is beyond amazing just like your personality. Much respect copywriting ninja!
Kayla Dickerson
Content Marketer & Copywriter

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