You want to know my top productivity secrets to help you get organized in business? This will work even if you absolutely HATE organization.

In this article and video I’m sharing all the tools I’m currently using to keep my “ducks in a row”.

This allows you to eliminate overwhelm, stay more focused, and ultimately get more sh*t done!

Top Productivity Secrets: Get a Planner

This will work amazingly for you, if you’re a “paper” person. If you’re more like a digital junkie, then keep on reading, because I got some goodies for you too.

No matter what it is that I do, I always write stuff down. Especially, with planners – I’m able to see my entire week at a glance and my goals for each week.

Top Productivity Secrets: Desktop Calendar

That’s another one of my favorite tools – to see my entire month at a glance, which is great to have the full picture of where your business is at.

I have my big calendar on my desk at all times (you can see it in my video above). That way I see what I have going on, on a monthly basis, as well as see when I have travel happening.

Top Productivity Secrets: Trello

This is for you, my digital friend! Trello has become my absolute favorite organizational tool – both for business and personal things. I literally use it to plan my trips, to plan my content, etc.

On top of that, Trello is perfect for team projects, so if you have assistants or business partners, you’re gonna love it! You can create a free account with Trello by clicking here.

More of the top productivity secrets in the video

In the video below I share more ways how you can stay organized, even if you absolutely hate it. Make sure to watch the video and share with a friend.