11 Simple Ways to Promote Lead Magnets for Rapid List BuildingAre you wondering how to promote lead magnets to rapidly grow your email list?

Let’s agree on the fact that creating your freebie aka lead magnet (free offer) is pretty simple. However, the real work starts when you have it done.

If you don’t currently have a lead magnet created, be sure to check out this article first where I break down the whole lead magnet creation checklist step-by-step.

And if you already got it done, now it’s time to move on to the fun part – promotion!

11 Ways to Promote Lead Magnets



Whether you have a blog or not, at some point you will want to have one setup. It is your own home online, and you probably know that every business owner has their own site. That’s the place where you want to send people every time. Basically your “virtual business card”.

So what’s a better way than promoting your lead magnet than on the very front page of your site? That’s probably one of my main lead generators right there. Make sure it’s right above the fold, so that’s the first thing people see.


If you’re already creating content on Facebook, whether that’s your fan page, or personal profile, or group, use Live feature. Don’t just do a video for the sake of doing a video. Create your videos with purpose – build your email list.

At the end of every video mention how can people get more information on a related topic. I tend to send people to my blog home page, or sometimes straight to the capture page.


Now this is something you can do on your personal profile too, but I prefer to keep it somewhat “personal”. That’s why I’m using this strategy on my Facebook fan page.

You can put whatever you want as your cover photo, but might as well use it to build your email list. Again, as on your website, the cover photo is what people see first when they land on your fan page.

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Another little known way of promoting your freebies is the pinned post you can publish on your Facebook fan page. This would also apply to your Facebook group if you own one.

You can either make it a straight up promotional post, or share your story and a bit about yourself, and then at the end promote your free offer.


As mentioned earlier, leverage your own Facebook group to build your email list. On top of it, there’s plenty of other groups on Facebook where you can come in and promote your lead magnets.

There’s a lot of “spammy” groups – I’ve used those and they’ve been okay. Although, these days they’re not that effective. Find groups that are actually valuable where you can promote your free giveaways.


This is worth mentioning, because you can send your freebies to your existing list if you’ve been building it for some time. This will even help you get some feedback if that’s what you’re looking for.

Get some feedback from your audience, so you can see where you can improve on.


Instagram is all up to your creativity, because there’s a lot you can do with it. Of course, there’s paid advertising option, as well as free one. You can either create posts and plug your freebies there as a call to action, or have people check your bio for the link (the only place with clickable links).

On top of it, you can use Instagram Stories which tend to get pretty good views based on what I’ve tested so far. And once you hit 10,000 followers, you get access to “Swipe Up” feature, that allows you to have people go to any URL from your story post.


Pinterest is considered to be a major traffic generator if you are a blogger. It’s even more beneficial if your audience is women. Regardless, it’s more of a search engine rather than a social media platform.

I will say though, just like Instagram, Pinterest is all up to your creativity. You can create different kinds of boards, and pin your lead magnets where appropriate. Aside from that, you can create infographics or little snippets of your articles or freebies and then have people go to the full blog posts or straight to your capture pages.


Did I even need to mention YouTube? It is the second biggest search engine in the world. And it is a little bit easier to rank your videos there than your blog posts on Google.

Again, don’t create videos for the sake of creating videos. Make sure you always have the “next step” for people to take, which is to get them on your email list and continue communication.

You can promote your giveaways in the video description, create cards within videos, annotations, etc. On top of that, you can add description of your channel as well as welcome video.


Of course, this is a paid strategy, you do need to invest money into it. However, if you don’t have a lot of time in your hands, then Facebook ads is your best friend.

Facebook has one of the best advertising platforms these days, so there’s a lot you can do with it. If you want to dive deeper into some of the basic stuff you can do with Facebook ads, grab this training here.


Last, but certainly not least is blogging. If this is a part of your business model and you are blogging consistently, then of course you have to promote your free offers in each article. That’s the whole point of blogging.

Don’t ever create a piece of content without the next step for your readers/viewers!

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  1. Yup lead magnets is an amazing way to build brand exposure and build your list.. Pinterest is truly way more effective than Instagram as Pinterest is a Search engine!

    All the things you say above Jelena are true for lead magnets and their effect on your business when done right!