3 ways to make more money

Do you wanna make more money in your business? I’m sure you do!

Most people are looking for ways to do so, but they don’t understand some simple things, that can make a big difference.

In this post you’re gonna learn 3 different ways to help you make more money, and achieve your goals!

Before I even share with you ways how you can make more money in your business, you have to understand what money really is. It is basically a representation of value that you put out there. So the more valuable you become, the more money you’re gonna make. Pretty simple. So when it comes to making money, you really should be working on YOURSELF (and then taking action, obviously).

The first way for you to become more valuable is through training events. They can be offline or online. Either webinars, live events, training courses, even books or audios. You HAVE to be growing daily.

I used to always wonder why was I not making money at all, and the reason was pretty simple – I wasn’t educating myself. Or to say the most, I was just watching a bunch of YouTube videos that didn’t get me anywhere. My recommendation for you is find people that have the results you wanna have, and learn from them! When I did that, that’s when my results started to change.

One very powerful quote I always keep in mind is “Your income will only grow to the extent that YOU grow“.

In the video below I share 2 more killer tips to help you make more money in your existing business or in any endeavor that you’re gonna pursue.

3 Ways to Make More Money

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22 Responses

  1. Excellent post, the money comes when we self educate and teach others. Great post.. thanks for sharing..

  2. Love those 3 ways to making money. So so simple to do and implement.


    Dr. Lisa

  3. Jelena, this post is full of wisdom! I had a light bulb moment when you spoke about how getting training makes us more valuable. People are willing to pay for the knowledge we acquire.

    Thank you for an awesome post!

  4. You always provide such great value Jelena. These are great tips and strategies to making more money in your business. Thanks for sharing!