4 Copywriting Strategies to Instantly Improve Your Online ContentCopywriting strategies is something every entrepreneur has to learn, in my opinion.

That’s one of the skill sets that will really pay you for the rest of your life. Why is that? Because copywriting is based on human psychology. And once you understand that, you can grow ANY business.

As a business owner you must understand what makes people take action. And you can do that through the use of the right words.

Moreover, copywriting strategies can go way deeper, especially when you create your content for your audience online.

There’s a difference between “okay” content and content that is stellar. Once you implement these 4 copywriting strategies, you’ll see a dramatic improvement.

4 Copywriting Strategies to Improve Your Online Content



Just think about it – everything you see online is “copywritten” (if that’s an actual word). You got to any website – they hook you with a headline. YouTube – the same thing.

Even when you go to a store and look through different magazines, the ones you pick up are the ones that have enticing headlines. Right now you’re on my blog, so you may stay here longer than just reading this article if one of the other articles “hooks” you.

That’s one of the basics of copywriting, and if you really want to get your message out to as many people as possible, you gotta learn how to create better headlines. One of my mentors told me that you have to put 80% of your efforts into writing a headline, and 20% into content.

Especially, when it comes to email marketing, that component is vital. If your email is amazing, but the subject line is lame, it won’t matter. Your goal online is to get people curious enough to check out your content. I’m listing some resources below that will help you in that department.


What’s the whole point of creating content? I tend to say if you’re posting something on social media, it has to do 3 things – educate, inspire, entertain. That’s it!

So every single time your content has to have a certain purpose. Just posting something for the sakes of posting is not going to serve anybody. And considering we all spend time on that content, may as well create something meaningful.

Let’s say, you’re creating a video or a blog post, then the purpose of that would be to generate leads. So make sure you are clear on this. Don’t ever create content without an end goal in mind!


Ever heard the phrase “facts tell, stories sell”? And nothing can be more true when it comes to growing your business online.

If you overwhelm people with all kinds of facts and numbers about your product or service, no one is going to buy. People never even remember the facts.

Always use either your own story or someone else’s story to sell your product. That especially applies to your social media content. People LOVE stories, so share more of them.


CTA is the Call To Action that you give in your content. Again, it goes back to the purpose of your content. What action do you want people to take after they read your article or watch a video?

Just like I mentioned earlier – don’t put out any major piece of content without a clear purpose (or CTA). You have to treat your content like it’s a “ladder”, because there’s always the next step for your people.

Do you want them to message you? Or maybe fill out a short application form? Be crystal clear about it when you are preparing your content.

More Resources to Help You Grow Your Business:

1.The Copywriting Mastery

If you’re serious about improving your copywriting skill set, there’s no better course that I’ve seen online. A good friend of mine and mentor Brian Fanale has put it together with years of experience, writing sales pages, emails, and a lot more. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he actually walks the walk, so you’ll learn some amazing principles you’ll apply in your business. Check Out More Information Here


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  1. Great post as always. Copywriting is a skill and well worth learning. The written word can be so powerful but also have the opposite effect if the skills aren’t learned.
    Thanks Jelena

  2. Hey Jelena,
    Cool stuff this. I used to tell the facts because my legal training is all about the FACTS…then I remembered that The Lawyer who got the Facts and Created the most Convincing STORY won the case, every time. So now I know it’s the most important thing Jelena! Copywriting mastery is a must for any content marketer 🙂