5 Hottest Blog Post Ideas - Create Your Online Content With EaseStruggling with blog post ideas when it comes to posting your content online? Been there, done that.

It’s not fun sitting in front of your WordPress dashboard for hours, thinking what your blog post is going to be about.. I personally wasted tons of time like this.

So if you’re someone who’s ever felt the same way, you’re about to learn 5 of my best strategies to easily come up blog post ideas. The best part? You won’t be wasting hours of your precious time to do it.

What’s even better is that you don’t need to be an expert in your field to implement these!

1.Ask Your Target Audience

Probably one of the simplest strategies for blog post ideas ever, huh?! I will say, it’s pretty hard to get a response if you have literally started your business yesterday. Don’t worry, I share more strategies below and in the video if you’re just starting out.

However, if you already have a decent size of audience, you can always ask them. You’re creating content for your audience in the first place, so they’re your best helpers. There’s several things you can do to to get blog post ideas from your target market..

You can put up a status update on Facebook or any other social media you’re using. If you’re using a Facebook fan page, you can put up a short update and run a paid ad to that to reach a wider audience. You can send out an email to your email list, or even ask a question in a P.S. line.

Your best content is always going to be made out of the questions that are already being asked in your field. If there’s one or two people asking, chances are, there are more people that struggle with the same exact thing. It’s your duty to help them!


I’ve never really used this platform to grow my business, although some people do. However, I found it to be an absolute gold mine for finding blog post ideas (and even other social media content).

It’s super simple too – just type in keywords within your niche in the search bar, and look through different infographics that show up. One thing to keep in mind is don’t ever steal other people’s content, because it ain’t cool. Use Pinterest as an inspiration.

I even use Pinterest to batch my content, which means I use one weekend to create a month or two worth of content for my business. You can even create a board specifically for some content inspiration and get back to it whenever you need it.

Digging these strategies for blog post ideas so far? I got more for you in the video below – one of them can be easily used if you don’t have an audience, but still wondering what questions people are asking. Feel free to share this with your network if it’s helpful!

5 Hottest Blog Post Ideas

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  1. Hey Jelena,

    You can never go wrong for blog post ideas with Pinterest and of course by asking your audience. I do a Poll every December ad get a ton load of Content Ideas for videos and Posts, then I go do Keyword research, save in a CSV and I am sorted for the next 3-6 months..if I am stuck for what to post!