5 Biggest Social Media Content Mistakes You Could Be Making Right NowSocial media content mistakes is one of the reasons why so many people are struggling when building their business online.

We all know that prospecting or networking is where it’s at. However, on social media you must be posting valuable content.

It may be simple (or easy), but you also have to be strategic about it these days. Just posting random stuff on Facebook won’t really help you grow your business.

Over the years I’ve seen (and made myself) some of these social media content mistakes you’re about to learn.

5 Biggest Social Media Content Mistakes



When you first start in network marketing, you’re crazy excited! You’ve started a new business, you’re loving the products. And of course, you wanna scream to the world about it.

I totally understand that, because I’ve been in the exact same position. However, the problem is – people don’t care. Sorry to break down the truth for you, but that’s the sad reality.

My friends didn’t care about my business. They thought it was a scam, so none of them supported me in my new endeavor. The same thing applies to social media.

You have to have a nice balance between promotion and value. When people come to your social media profiles, they’re only asking “what’s in it for me?”. And if all you’re doing is posting products, people will leave and find someone else. This way you’re losing potential customers / business builders.


This is practically a very similar mistake to the first one. If I look at your social media profile and all I see is you promoting your products or business, I’ll leave.

A lot of the times people create content and promote ALL THE TIME. You gotta have a balance. Your social media profile shouldn’t look like a billboard.


Never treat your personal profile as a business page. On Facebook you have a personal profile and a fan page. Be sure to treat them separately. Personally, I’m using both for my business. And I tend to post different content there.

For example, I generally never post anything super promotional that looks like an ad on my personal profile. That type of stuff will always work better on the fan page, because you can run ads to it.

On my personal profile I can post something fun and entertaining. Whereas, I usually don’t do it on my fan page, because it’s mostly focused on the business.


Another huge mistake most people still fall for. On Facebook a few years ago it used to be normal to post 3-5 times a day. And I used to do that too, because it worked. That’s how the algorithm was back in the days.

Right now things have changed, and people no longer want to see a ton of content from you. These days it’s all about the quality versus quantity.

Of course, it depends on the social media platform you’re using, but in general, posting less is more effective. And if you think about it, whenever you post less, you tend to give your content more thought and effort. As a result, the quality is so much better.


On social media your content has to do three things – educate, inspire or/and entertain. Before posting any piece of content, look at it and think if it falls under any of these 3 categories. If it doesn’t, don’t post it!

I see a lot of people asking random questions, posting stuff nobody cares about. And although, it may sound harsh, it’s true.

Remember, your audience is always asking the same question “what’s in it for me?“. You are creating content for THEM, not for you; so think twice before you post anything.

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  1. Some social media gems contained in this post. I so agree not to post too much. I was also advised if you have a post that’s getting some real attention then don’t take it away by posting anything else for a while.
    Great post.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with Useless posting Jelena. I see some posts and I wonder: what the heck were they thinking? everything I post must fall under the 3 Es 😉 Loved it!

  3. I’ve been also working on these to correct them. I’m glad you posted this Jelena. This is very helpful most especially for beginners. Thanks!

  4. I’ve been also working on these to correct them. I’m glad you posted this Jelena. This is very helpful most especially for beginners. Thanks!

  5. You are right Jelena. I have seen most of the newbie marketers doing such silly mistakes over and over again. Sometimes I feel bad when a less valued product is marketed heavily for no good reason. You just triggered the right point for them. Liked it!