5 Tips to Survive Struggles

We all have challenges in life, but how do you really survive struggles and move forward?

Life is not perfect no matter where you’re at – whether you are mega successful, or you’re just getting started with your business.

There will always be some challenges that you’ll have to overcome. And you gotta learn how to do that. 

A few days ago I was going through some trainings by Grant Cardone, and he was sharing 5 tips to survive struggles or hardship. So I wanted to share this with you.


Whatever you do in life – trying to lose weight, starting a business, building a team in network marketing, you’ve got to be COMMITTED! And you have to make that commitment from day 1. You either do this, or you don’t. Plain and simple.

You know why most people are jumping from one company to another, from business to business? Because they don’t commit to focusing on ONE thing. They’re always on the lookout for the next shiny object, for the next big thing that comes their way.

The same thing goes with having struggles in life. You have to commit to do whatever it takes to end them. A few days ago I heard someone said that you make a decision very quick, commitment takes time. Are you ready to commit to change your situation and breakthrough? Commit and FOCUS!


I always say to people – bring your energy and excitement with you wherever you go. Especially in marketing (pretty obvious, huh?). Most people are attracted to your energy and you what you bring to the table. Let me give you an example. If you’re building a network marketing team, you just MUST be excited. Because if you’re not pumped up about what you do and what you promote, how do you expect to share it with others?

This same thing applies to videos (if you’re using any form of video in your business – evergreen, live, or webinars). You have to be excited! Something that stuck with me a couple months ago – always be more energetic on camera, than you usually are in real life.

One more thing to consider when building a business or when you’re trying to survive struggles. Let’s say you don’t have a lot of money to invest in your business. I get it. I’ve been there myself. But you still have that resource that others may not have – it is your energy. Use it to its fullest potential. This is what I decided to do, when I knew I didn’t have thousands of dollars to invest in coaching, paid advertising, live events, etc. Energy can never be beat. Use it!

In the video below I share 3 other tips that will help you to survive struggles in your life, and move yourself forward. 

5 Tips to Survive Struggles

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26 Responses

  1. “Always be more energetic on camera than you are in real life.”

    I used to do community theater, and that message was drilled into us…exaggerate your movements, since people are watching them from far away. Same principle, I suppose. Thanks, Jelena!

  2. Great tips Jelena. Working on your inner self is always a good and positive thing. In fact my own blog post tomorrow is on a similar subject.
    You will inspire many people by sharing your wisdom today.

  3. 5 great tips. Commit and FOCUS are so important. With that you can get what you need done. Thanks for sharing

  4. Excellent post… I find most people lack the commitment, the minute things get rough they are gone. If they can work the commitment deal out they would see some amazing changes in their lives!

  5. Great post Jelena! We are all going to have times when we struggle. But, that’s when we need a coach to help us through those. While we quietly speak with our coach we are still maintaining a positive attitude that we will keep going “until” or “despite of”

    Dr. Lisa

  6. Hangout with people that are going in the same direction as you… Very good tip…

  7. YOU are the 5 people you hang around with…awesome! Heard it so many times and it’s so important