Would you like to grow your instagram account quickly?

I’m excited you’ve landed on this article, as I’m about to share the 6 step Instagram growth strategy that you can use right now! You’ll learn how instagram algorithm works in 2021 and beyond, and how to get organic growth on instagram.

Instagram growth isn’t an easy thing, so I understand that you wanna do everything you possibly can to kickstart that growth.


I have found that one of the most important strategies to grow your instagram account quickly is posting content often.

This means posting at least 3 pieces of high quality content a week. I found that this strategy worked well for me because it’s not as time consuming as posting 3-5 times a day like a lot of gurus preach.

Do what’s sustainable for you.

Publishing at least 3 high quality pieces of content will work great, especially if you publish content elsewhere, such as YouTube or blog. And we both know, that those are a lot more time and energy consuming than snapping a selfie for the Gram.


Another “must-do” growth strategy is to engage with other accounts by leaving meaningful comments. These comments are anything that would make the other person want to check out your instagram account.

You can also send DMs to people with similar interests or follow them because you may have something in common. I always suggest replying to the Stories, as it’s more natural than sending a “hey girl” message, which is very icky..

This is a great strategy to grow your instagram account quickly because ultimately you’re networking with people in your niche.


While hashtags shouldn’t be your main growth hack, they’re definitely a great strategy to boost your content reach and overall visibility.

It can be hard and even tedious to come up with creative hashtags that are related to your brand or to the topic you’re posting about. To save yourself a ton of time, I recommend using Flick as the hashtag generating tool.

I explain how to use Flick in this video below.

Take a free 7 day trial of Flick here.


While Stories aren’t necessarily contributing to your account growth, they definitely help you retain followers and build a deeper connection with them.

That little circle around your profile photo on Instagram tells your audience that you’re active. Whenever I don’t see it on someone’s profile, my initial thought is – are they active at all?

I personally try not to go over more than 48 hours of inactivity on Stories. However, I will add that if your mental health needs a social media break, take it!


Growing on Instagram alone can feel like a full time job, so in order for you to attract more people long term, use an outside traffic source!

What do I mean by that?

Instagram as a platform kind of feels like paid ads – the moment you stop paying money into it (in this case effort), the results stop..

My strategy is pairing 2 kinds of platforms – social and searchable. By social I of course mean Instagram in this case. And by searchable I mean either a YouTube channel, or a blog, or a podcast.

I know I can take a month break from YouTube, and my videos still bring views and subscribers, AND people over to my Instagram account. So pick your searchable platform, where you’ll publish weekly content.

Always mention your Instagram profile as a way for people to connect with you, and you’ll have your evergreen content machine on lock!


Reels should’ve been mentioned as the first growth strategy, but here we are. We all know Instagram is driving massive traffic to the accounts that use reels. Not to mention, Instagram rewards the users who use the new features.

The beauty of reels is they don’t have to take a lot of time to prepare and publish. However, some of them can take a while, so choose what’s simple and stick to that.

The best part about instagram reels is that you don’t need any fancy equipment or video editing software, as all it takes is a phone.

Instagram has over 500 million active users every month, as of 2021. So there will never be shortage of potential followers and clients for your business.

There are plenty of opportunities for growth, so I recommend staying on top of trend and not forget the purpose of social media for business owners – to grow your email list and your business. So don’t be too focused on the numbers of likes, and instead be strategic!

Creating content to attract your ideal clients is absolutely essential these days, as we’ve all turned to the Internet especially due to pandemic. The problem is lots of business owners are still scrambling for ideas and ways to be more effective and efficient when it comes to content and organic growth.

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  1. Great post on Instagram growth strategy! I love how you’ve broken it down into 6 easy-to-follow steps that anyone can implement right away. Your tips on posting high-quality content, engaging with other accounts, using hashtags, and leveraging external traffic sources are spot on. I especially appreciate your emphasis on being strategic and not getting too caught up in the numbers of likes. Your weekly newsletter The OG Insider sounds like a great resource, and I’m excited to sign up for it. Keep up the great work!