Are you listening to entrepreneur podcasts?

I personally haven’t for quite a while, I had a bunch of them loaded on my phone, but I never really spent a lot of time on them…until recently.

What I realized was that I spend some time doing work which doesn’t require me to read, or to write long articles, or to shoot videos. So whenever I edit videos, create images for Instagram or for blog posts, whenever I exercise, or whatever, instead of listening to music, I started listening to podcasts. 

And there are SO MANY different entrepreneur podcasts out there. I didn’t realize that. So why would you spend time doing things and not listening to anything, when you can fill up this time absorbing the information from these entrepreneur podcasts. 

This can actually be a part of your personal development each day, and you can get some content ideas for your blog too! 

So today I wanted to share with you the top entrepreneur podcasts that I’m currently listening to right now. 

Podcast #1: Home Business Profits with Ray Higdon. If you are in network marketing or in home based business, I highly encourage you to listen to Ray’s podcast. They are very short – typically under 10 minutes. Ray basically answers questions that gets on Twitter, and you can learn a lot from them too. Whenever I listen to this particular podcast, I always write down ideas that later can be turned into content (blog post, video, etc.).

14 TOP Entrepreneur Podcasts


Podcast #2: MLSP Wake Up Calls. These calls are live from Monday to Friday at 11am EST, but I typically listen to the recordings. Whether you are in MLSP or not, you can listen to them, get energized every morning, and re-wire your brain for success!

Podcast #3: Self Made Man by Mike Dillard. I’m guilty of not listening to this podcast for a long time, as I had a lot of people recommending it to me, so a few days ago I listened to a couple of episodes. Mike is bringing different kinds of people into his show, people who are rarely interviewed and he picks their brain on what it took them to achieve the levels of success that they’re at right now. And there are people from various entrepreneurial niches – real estate, network marketing, personal development.

Podcast #4: Daily Home Business Motivation with Mark Harbert. He started doing this podcast this year – 2015. There are over 100 already, and he’s discussing different marketing topics, as well as he has a couple interviews that he’s done. 

Podcast #5: The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard. I love everything that Brendon Burchard does, just recently ordered his book called The Charge. The other two that I got are The Motivation Manifesto and The Millionaire Messenger. So I recently came across his podcast too – these are actually his videos that he’s posting on YouTube, but repurposed into podcasts. That’s great, because I don’t have time to watch YouTube videos all the time, but I sure can listen to a couple of podcasts. I highly recommend Brendon’s podcast, as he’s always sharing different interesting topics. One particular that I listened to a few days ago was about 3 types of friends that you’ll have in life. Very eye opening. 

Podcast #6: Online Playmaker Sessions. That’s a fairly new podcast that was launched quite recently by Norbert Orlewicz, where he brings leaders from the home business industry and they share their story, their breakthroughs, and how to got to the place they’re at right now. If you are in the online marketing space, this podcast is for you, as you’ll learn what’s working now and how you can get similar results in Your business.

Podcast #7: I Have a Dream Show. This one is actually a video show hosted by Princess Fizz, and she’s bringing different guests from our industry, such as Ray Higdon, Diane Hochman, Mike Dillard, Mark Hoverson and others. She’s doing them quite often, so there are around a hundred of episodes now, maybe even more. 

Podcast #8: The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. I just recently came across this podcast, and I’ve seen Lewis all over the place now with his new book launch which is called The School of Greatness (pretty obvious, huh?). Most of the shows are interviews with different entrepreneurs from all kinds of niches. I actually listened to the one he did with Grant Cardone – it’s a very great episode.

And these are the shows hosted by Grant Cardone (I’m a big fan of him, now reading his book The 10X Rule). All of these shows he’s hosting live every week like a TV show, but I personally love listening to them. 

Podcast #9: Cardone Zone. In this show Grant is sharing different tips and ideas how you can manage your life, and your finances. He’s also giving ideas on how to break through the middle class and live a better life. 

Podcast #10: Young Hustlers. That’s the show he’s hosting with Jarrod Glandt, VP of Sales in his company. And they’re sharing inspiration, how to take control of your life, business, finances, and relationships if you’re 18-33. Even if you’re not that age, still listen to the show, you’ll take a LOT from it!

Podcast #11: Power Players. In Power Players Grant is interviewing different guests that have accomplished a great level of success in what they’re doing. One of the episodes that I listened to was with Lewis Howes. He has also interviewed Darren Hardy, Alex Morton, Dan Pena, Hal Elrod, and others.

Podcast #12: Confessions of an Entrepreneur. Right now there are only about 8 episodes. Grant was filming them in the car, so it’s like you’re sitting there and listening. I listened to the episode with Dan Pena, also known as 50 Billion Dollar Man. 

Podcast #13: The G&E Show. That’s the show Grant’s hosting with his wife Elena Cardone every Friday. They’re discussing how to balance business, family and how to 10X them. They’re also bringing up some topics that are relevant to this particular time, such as holidays, breaking news, etc.

Podcast #14: Women in Power.  That’s the show that Elena Cardone is hosting with her friends every once in a while. If you’re a guy, you may not wanna listen to it, but if you’re a woman – by all means do! 

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What entrepreneur podcasts are YOU listening to? Feel free to comment below and share with your friends!

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  1. You have listed some great podcasts. I just got Brendon Burchard’s book The Motivation Manifesto so I will have to check out his podcast.


  2. I’ve listened to several of these but thanks for some new ideas! It’s evident that you are a big sponge

  3. WOWZA…so many good podcasts! My favorite is the MLSP wakeup call…I am always on the lookout for good podcasts so thank you!

    Dr. Lisa

  4. Wow… this is gold.. thanks for the share… I never listen to podcast, but now with bub around most of the time, it’s great that I can access to podcast for ideas and motivation..

  5. Like the idea of podcasts, my phone is not working too well at the moment but could you let me know where to obtain these podcasts please, so that later I can load them up. Thanks.

    1. Hey Ana, you can listen them from computer too on iTunes, and if you’re on iPhone, there’s an app called Podcasts, where you can find all of those. And if you’re on Android, there’s stitcher radio, Podcast Addict, and some other ones – just search for them

  6. Thanks for sharing this Jelena. Question: How do you organize podcasts so that they’re easily accessible? 🙂

  7. I’ve recently stumbled upon some of the podcasts, I’m really excited to see that we are in sync.Thanks for all the good work you’re doing inspiring us to be the best us!

  8. Thanks for sharing this list, will add some to my playlist.. Currently I’m into Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn. So much value there