Attraction Marketing 101 - How to Skyrocket Your Business Without Chasing PeopleAttraction marketing 101 – what is it and how can you use it to grow your home based business?

You may have heard this term plenty of times, unless you just started building a network marketing company yesterday. That’s not typically what companies are teaching..

What most companies are teaching is the ‘old school’ way to build – make a list of friends and family, approach all of them about product or opportunity.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Because it works!

That’s the logical step to take when starting a business. Talk to those who you already have an established relationship with.

However, what happens once you run out of people to talk to? Eventually it is going to happen. Let’s be real. What’s the next step?

That’s where people tend to get stuck. And we especially get stuck when none of the people from our warm market decide to build a business with us. Unfortunately, this happens to most of us. 

You would need to turn to the Internet and find people to talk to. And the best way to do so is through attraction marketing. You’re about to learn how to implement this method to build a wildly successful business. 

Attraction Marketing 101 – Skyrocket Your Business




First of all, you do need to understand the term. There’s so many definitions, but I’ll give you my perspective on attraction marketing and how it works.

Attraction marketing is a when instead of chasing other people, YOU become the one that’s being chased by them. (This is not in a creepy way by any means by the way!).

The way attraction marketing works is when you become so valuable that people see it, and they are the ones that become curious about what you’re working on.

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Imagine this..

When we turn to social media as network marketers, we’re first the ones who reach out to people first. Obviously, we have to be proactive! You have to go out and talk to people. However, there’s one component that’s super critical to social media success too – content creation.

Social media networking is great! But you also need to bring value to the market place, aka create valuable content. How do you do that though? Start posting updates, creating Facebook lives/videos, sharing stories. Simply help other people solve their problems.

Who would you trust more? Someone who’s just trying to sell you something or someone who has helped you through their content? Probably the latter. The same thing works in network marketing.


Like I mentioned earlier, the easiest way to implement attraction marketing into your business is through social media. There’s a few things you need to do on a daily basis.

As far as building your audience, it’s simple – go out and network in places where your perfect audience is hanging out. If you need more help with that, check out this article I recently did sharing where to find prospects on Facebook.

By engaging with your audience I mean creating content. So go out and help other people. Not sure how to create content? Do personal development and share what you’re learning.

And only THEN you sell to your audience. Do this in order!

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Once you get to using social media marketing rolling, and you’re getting consistent conversations and sales, then you need to take it up a notch. Here’s why..

Social media is incredible. Of course, we all know that. And I’ve built my business almost solely on Facebook. However, you don’t own any of the platforms.

What do you own online though? The only 2 things you own and control are your own blog and your email list. We all know that all the big companies out there have a website and they’re building their email list too.

What Do You Actually Need?

If you want to know what resources you’d need to create a website and build a list, check out my resources tab here. These are all the tools I’m using to grow my online empire. If you’d like, feel free to bookmark the page as I keep adding new things if I find something cool.

If I were to summarize this, you need a WordPress blog (self hosted one), and you need ClickFunnels. That’s the tool that allows you to create beautiful capture pages that you tend to see online. If you’re not ready to build your blog yet, but still want to grow your email list, you can grab a 14 day free trial of ClickFunnels here


You want to know the best thing about attraction marketing? Multiple Streams of Income (MSI).

You should never depend on a single income stream! That is dangerous right there! This is pretty much the reason we recommend network marketing to other people, because relying on a job income is not a security. Having something on the side is a must. 

The same thing applies to the home business profession, because you don’t want to JUST rely on your network marketing company income. Why is that? Simply because you don’t own the company! And you never know what might happen.

You can create multiple income streams by adding various affiliate marketing products to your plate. The way I got started in growing multiple income streams is through a platform My Lead System Pro. That’s where I originally learned attraction marketing too. 

More Resources to Help You Grow Your Business:

Brand Foundation – Learn More Here

Attraction marketing can be best implement alongside with personal branding. It certainly does take the time to build a brand that is going to stand out and make a huge impact. And if I were to choose one person who’s extremely knowledgable in this is my good friend Julia Baxter. I’ve personally got to work with her and she gave my brand a nice upgrade and more clarity. So if you’re at a point when you need a change, get your hands on this course. This will be by far one of your best investments! 

Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit – Learn More Here

How would you like to learn from 40 experts who have been practicing attraction marketing for YEARS? People like Ray Higdon, Mike Dillard, Matt Morris, Brian Fanale, Tanya Aliza, Todd Falcone, and well, yours truly.. I’m sure you know some of them. Every interview is absolutely priceless, and can give you major insights into how all the top earners have been building their empires. So if you’re serious about implementing attraction marketing in your business like a true pro, then you need this in your life.

My Lead System Pro – Learn More Here

If you’re wondering where most of the people had learned attraction marketing and all the principles, the answer is – My Lead System Pro. It’s a membership platform where you get “what’s working now” trainings on a weekly basis, as well as access to the community of top earners. I’ve been a member for over 3 years now, and without this platform I would most likely not be writing this article. If you need connections, training, tools and a system to plug into to learn online marketing, give MLSP a go!

Wanna Know What Tools I Use to Build My Business?

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  1. This is a great and detailed post on Attraction Marketing Jelena. Yes it’s a longer term passive approach but one well worth learning about and putting into practice.
    You have proved over and over it works.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Having a highly engaged audience makes selling easy.

    If you build it they will come

    Dr. Lisa

  3. Attraction marketing is the key to success in the network marketing business.I still see so many products spammed all over facebook.
    Great tips Jelena.

  4. Building your audience by sharing value and engaging successful folks in your niche is where it’s at Jelena. Smart tips here buddy. Help people. Worry little of outcomes. Be of service. Promote other bloggers. Lead with value. In time, success finds you. Neat how it works over the long haul; pure attraction.