Content Creation Strategy - How to Create a Month Worth of Content in an HourWanna know my exact content creation strategy to create all your online content quicker?

This is the exact formula I’ve used to record well over 350 YouTube videos, 370 blog posts, around 600 FB lives, and more. All that within just a little over 2 years.

Content is one of those things a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with, but once you get it to a ‘science’, you’re good to go.

Also, worth mentioning, that you can use this same strategy even if you are brand new and have very little experience.

1.What Kind of Content Will You Be Creating?

That’s the very first thing you have to map out on paper (or digitally). At least, that’s what I did before 2018 hit, so that I knew where I had to focus on. What social media accounts are you gonna be building? Will you be creating content for your blog? What about the YouTube channel? Maybe LinkedIn?

Here’s the thing, though, you don’t need to build ALL OF THEM. Especially if you’re just starting out. Focus on one or two, and then add more channels, or even hire a virtual team who’s going to help you scale.

2.How Often?

When it comes to having a solid content creation strategy, you have to know how often you’re going to be blogging, doing videos, Facebook lives, etc. It HAS to be in your calendar. Period.

Here’s my current breakdown of my content (so it can give you a perspective of how often I’m doing my content online).. I do 2 FB lives a week on my profile, 1 on my fan page, 1 blog post and 1 YouTube video a week. On top of that, I just launched a private FB community, where I do 1 FB live training per week, and the rest are just regular posts. Everything else is my social media content, like status updates, stories, etc.

I hope this breakdown helps you with how I’m rolling with my content creation strategy, that you can model in your business. However, when I was first starting out, I was creating a LOT more. I was doing daily Facebook Lives, a lot more blog content. In the beginning, you do need to create content more frequently to get noticed. Later on, you can cut down on the content a bit.

In the video below I go over the rest of my content creation strategy. I’m also sharing one o my absolute favorite tools that will help you get your cr*p together (pardon my French). Hope this helps you!

Content Creation Strategy

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