6 Steps to Create Your First Ebook

Would you like to create your first ebook that brands YOU and makes you stand out from everyone else in the marketplace?

Most people are just promoting business opportunities straight away and rarely make a lot of money this way.

Having your own ebook helps you not only to generate more leads, but also “pre-sell” whatever it is that you are promoting.

There are 6 simple steps that will help you create your first ebook, even if you’re brand new to the network or online marketing.

1.Determine Your Target Market

In marketing this is always the first step. Your ebook has to be directed to a specific target market. And don’t say “but my product is for EVERYBODY who’s breathing!!”. One phrase that stuck with me was “if you’re marketing to everybody, you’re marketing to nobody“.

There are several questions you can about your target market. What’s their age? Are they women or men? (this may depend on the type of product you’re offering – you wouldn’t target men if you promote make up, right?). What types of products are they already buying? What kind of sports do they do? Do they have a family? Are they married? All the questions will help you dig deeper when defining your target audience.

2.What Problem Can You Solve

The next step is pretty obvious. Once you know who you are trying to attract, you need to help them solve a specific problem. For network marketers it might be about lead generation or recruiting more reps and customers via social media. For business owners it may be an ebook that covers the basics of Facebook advertising.

Remember, you are talking to a specific person, helping them solve ONE problem. Your ebook should deliver what you said you would. Don’t make your ebook just about fluff or sharing your story. Your prospect doesn’t care (sorry). All they want is a solution to their problem.

In the video below you’re gonna learn 4 more steps to help you create your first ebook. Oh, and I also cover a little bit of promotion strategies, that will actually get you leads. And as you may already know – leads are a lifeblood of your business.

6 Steps to Create Your First Ebook

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  1. E-books are awesome! Another great way to share what we know. The free training you shared here is fantastic, especially for people who are new to creating content.

  2. Ebooks are a great to provide value to a targeted audience. I used Keysha Bass’s training to produce my first one. Great post and video, as always! 🙂

  3. Great post Jelena! Having and making your own eBook is an amazing tool for building value and prospecting! Thanks for another nugget filled video and post!

  4. Awesome tips on creating an Ebook Jelena! I followed your steps and was able to create my first book in 2 hours…easy peasy!

    Dr. Lisa

  5. Man, I got so involved with your content I almost forgot to leave a comment! lol!

    This was great! I appreciate the share and I’m going to watch the video now, now that I’ve downloaded the PDF!

  6. Offering people your very own e-book is a great tool to give people value and start building relationships. Thank you for your steps Jelena!

  7. Tried and tested methods, I’ve used them time and time again to create Ebooks. Thanks for the share

  8. Great minds think alike Jelena coz I just read a post by Steve Krivda on this very same subject. Massive Congfrats on Creating your eBook by the way. I would love to give you a review If you shoot me a copy.
    I am writing a Book on Pinterest Marketing and I cant wait to Publish it soon! I would love your views when Its done! Keep rocking Jelena!

  9. Hi Jelena,

    Use Ebooks to provide great information to your audience and pre-sell what you are offering.

    It is a great way to warm up your audience.

    Great information!