How to Define Your Personal Brand for Online Business SuccessHow do you define your personal brand so that you stand out in a noisy market place?

That’s the question a lot of business owners are asking (including myself not that long ago). If you want to achieve something truly significant in your business, you MUST find ways to stand out.

Staying in a “safe” or “comfortable” zone is too risky, and won’t get you anywhere. That’s why personal branding is something you should be focused on.

In this article and video you’re gonna learn the process on how to define your personal brand for online business success. Feel free to share it out with anybody who might benefit from this!

There are several questions that I’ve personally been asking myself, and something I’ve been sharing with my coaching clients. This will help you big time with identifying your brand. Trust me, it’s not just about your tagline or logos, or pretty colors on the website. It’s a lot more, than that!

Number 1: “Who are you?”. That’s the question that people get usually get stuck on. They’re like, “I don’t know who I am. I’m just me. Isn’t it enough?” Answer this question. Put it on the paper. Write it down right now. I share my answer in the video below. But this is a very good exercise you can practice right away.

Number 2: “What do you stand for?”. What are your core values? For me personally, I’m all about integrity. I think in business, integrity is everything. If you said you were going to do something, please do it. Another one of my core values is honesty. Write all of your core values down on paper. What is important for you? 

Number 3: “Who do you serve?”. Is it people that are looking to buy a house? Or is it people that are looking to lose some weight? Maybe it’s people that are looking to start an online business? Is it people are looking to travel more, that are looking to more time freedom? Write it down. Again, it always goes back to what you promote and what you’re passionate about. Knowing your audience is very key when it comes to personal branding. 

The next question is “What do you like to talk about?”. Maybe you like to talk about branding. Or maybe you like to talk about skin care. Maybe you like to talk about travel, or about Facebook advertising. Your content must be congruent with your brand. If you decide to brand yourself as a fitness expert, talking about Facebook ads is not really a good idea. Very very critical.

In the video below I go into more details that will help you define your personal brand. There’s a couple more  things you want to take into account when growing that brand and making sure you stand out from the crowd.

How to Define Your Personal Brand

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16 Responses

  1. I am 7 years in and STILL tweaking my brand but the tweaks are so tiny now that sometimes it feels negligible but I still do them. Getting closer to my audience in an ‘I am right there with you’ way is the goal. Some are scared of niching down, but it is way better than being LOST in the large ocean.

  2. My business changed when I got clear using those 3 questions…

    Great stuff Jelena

    Dr. Lisa

  3. Cool questions you shared here Jelena about defining one’s personal brand. It all stems form knowing WHO we are, because we attract that kind of energy. Then We of course must know What we offer and Whom we serve….Awesome! 🙂


  4. When you answer the basic questions …who am I, what do I stand for, etc…then it allows you to craft the right message to attract your tribe.

    Thanks for sharing Jelena!