DotCom Secrets by Russell Brunson - 5 Major Lessons | Book ReviewDotCom Secrets book by Russell Brunson has been around for several years now. It’s the very first book he published. I’ve just recently finished reading it for the second time, so figured about time I do a book review on it.

If you don’t know who Russell is, he’s been in the online marketing industry for 10+ years. He has published two books, which one of them is DotCom Secrets; the other one is Expert Secrets (review to come later). He’s also the founder of one of the go-to funnel building softwares ClickFunnels.

In this review I’ll share with you whether it’s worth reading the book or not, as well as 5 major lessons that I got out of it.

You may be asking now.. Is DotCom Secrets a scam? The answer is NO. If it were, there wouldn’t be so many successful people using the formula outlined by Russell in the book.

Before I dig into the actual lessons I got out of the book, I have to mention that regardless of the industry you’re in, this book can help! You may be making good money now, but the time could be an issue. Russell is teaching the leveraged strategies that will allow you to not only increase your income, but to also have more time (which is what we all want).

So if you’re someone who is ready to automate and scale your business, this book is for you. Or even if you’re a beginner online marketer, this book will make you understand a lot of powerful marketing principles.

In the video below I share all the 5 lessons I’ve got out of the book, so you get to see a bit of a sneak peek of the book. If you have not read the book yet, you can grab it for free here and just pay the shipping fee. Russell’s that cool to keep the offer he’s made a few years ago when launching DotCom Secrets first.

DotCom Secrets – 5 Major Lessons

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One thing that I absolutely love about the DotCom Secrets books is how it’s structured and how it’s written. It is very easy to read, and you will understand all the content even if you have never done a lot of online marketing or automation. Besides, it’s a fairly quick read, if you really dig into the book, you’ll finish it in a matter of days. 

The whole outline of the book is very step-by-step and straightforward. I’m putting the table of contents down below so you can see what you’re going to be learning once you get your hands on the book. 

DotCom Secrets Table Of Contents:

Foreword by Dan Kennedy

Section One: Ladders and Funnels

1.Secret #1: The Secret Formula

2.Secret #2: The Value Ladder

3.Secret #3: From a Ladder to a Funnel

4.Secret #4: How to Find Your Dream Customers

5.Secret #5: The Three Types of Traffic

Section Two: Your Communication Funnel

6.Secret #6: The Attractive Character

7.Secret #7: The Soap Opera Sequence

8.Secret #8: Daily Seinfeld Sequence

Section Three: Funnelology Leading Your Customers to the Sale (Over and Over Again)

9.Secret #9: Reverse Engineering a Successful Funnel

10.Secret #10: Seven Phases of a Funnel

11.Secret #11: The Twenty-Three Building Blocks of a Funnel

12.Secret #12: Frontend vs. Backend Funnels

13.Secret #13: The Best Bait

Section Four: Funnels and Scripts

Front End Funnels

Funnels for the Middle of the Value Ladder

Backend Funnel

Section Five: ClickFunnels

You can see by the outline that the book is very much step-by-step, like I mentioned. Russell Brunson basically takes you by the hand, showing you what you need to do to automate our business. The language he’s using is simple too, and he explains everything.

Now let’s dig into the 5 lessons from the DotCom Secrets, that I personally got out of the book. It was hard to choose only five though, since the book is filled with information.

DotCom Secrets Lesson #1: The Secret Formula

When running a business, you have to understand a few things. Actually, there’s 4 questions you wanna ask yourself.

1.Who is your dream client?

2.Where are they hanging out at?

3.What bait are you going to use to attract them?

4.What result do you want to give them?

That’s the formula to grow your business in a nutshell. Plain and simple. However, if you really wanna succeed, you must know the answers to these questions.

DotCom Secrets Lesson #2: There Are 3 Types of Traffic

When running a business, you need to know how to speak to each type of traffic (aka audience). There’s traffic that you control, traffic that you don’t control, and traffic that you own. I talked about each in details in the video above, so be sure to watch that.

DotCom Secrets Lesson #3: Attractive Character

Storytelling is the true foundation of any business. That’s how you can truly speak to the needs of your perfect customer. People don’t relate to the facts, they relate to stories. It’s been even said before – facts tell, but stories sell.

In order for you to share a story, you need to have Attractive Character. It can be either you, or somebody you know. Most of us don’t have a lot of stories to share in the beginning, so be sure to leverage somebody else’s.

DotCom Secrets Lesson #4: 7 Phases of a Funnel

Now that’s some powerful stuff right there! Once you get into the funnel building, you definitely need to know and implement these seven phases to maximize the results.

  1. Traffic Temperature
  2. Pre-Frame Bridge
  3. Qualify Subscribers
  4. Qualify Buyers
  5. Identify Hyperactive Buyers
  6. Age & Ascend the Relationships
  7. Change the Selling Environment

In the video above I talk about each phase of a funnel in a bit more details, but that’s the framework you wanna use. Once you get the book, you’ll learn this straight from the master. 

DotCom Secrets Lesson #5: Email Marketing

Here’s the deal, just knowing the funnels is cool, but you also must learn how to communicate with your audience. That’s when email marketing comes in. 

There’s 2 types of email marketing covered in the book: Soap Opera Sequence and Seinfeld Daily Emails. You want to communicate with those people that leave you their contact information immediately, and THEN email them either on a weekly basis, or daily, or a couple times a week.

DotCom Secrets book review Russell Brunson

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  1. A fabulous and detailed review. How anyone could think Russell Brunson would ever be a scam doesn’t know what they are talking about.
    Thanks for sharing this Jelena. I have read the book and his Expert Secrets as well, another gem.