5 Big Takeaways From Dr. Joe Dispenza

Last month I got to meet Dr. Joe Dispenza in person and hear him speak live at Live the Dream 7 event. That’s an annual event that our “online university” is hosting. You can check more details here.

Dr. Joe Dispenza was our keynote speaker, and this was one of the BEST trainings I’ve ever listened to. I shouldn’t even call it a “training”, because that was just a massive transformation.

His speech was about 2+ hours, and he really laid everything down and proved lots of concepts, that most of us heard before, with science.

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Joe before, you can read more about him on his main website. HIGHLY recommend it!

In this post I’m sharing 5 biggest takeaways from Dr. Joe’s speech, that can radically help you grow.

1.Get your behavior match your intentions. You might have already heard this before put in a little different way. So what does it really mean? How do you do that? I always like to work backwards. Firstly, identify your goal. What is it that you want? What’s your big target that you’re running after? Is it a certain income goal? Is it to become the top earner in your network marketing company and become a well known leader? 

You have to understand that the person that you are now, is not going to get to your goal. You gotta change. And that change always starts with your mindset, and with the way you act. Ask yourself – what do all top earners do? How do they talk to others? How do they behave? And that’s what you should be working on. You have to act like a top earner if you want to become one. Now, I’m not saying you should put yourself on a pedestal (that’s not what all top earners are doing).

2.Your thoughts create your reality. Have you read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”? If not, highly recommend it. And if you did, you might know that he also said – your thoughts create things. Dr. Joe Dispenza just confirmed it once again.

If you want to create a lasting change, you have to start from the inside. You have to start from your mindset and from your thoughts. Not only you need to change your thinking, but you also need to change your energy. Pretty powerful.

In the video below I dig into more details, as well as I share 3 more takeaways from Dr. Joe Dispenza speech in Austin this past August. I hope this helps you out and your business!

5 Big Takeaways From Dr. Joe Dispenza

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22 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing what you got from your time with Dr. Joe. It is a wonderful thing when people share what they learn.

  2. Awesome post Jelena. We have to think into what we want to become before we become it. Our thoughts are all important. Think and Grow Rich is a great book.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hey Jelena,

    This is the sort of information we need to teach in school.
    Can you imagine if the next generation grasp these concepts from young?

    Thanks for another great post!

  4. I absolutely believe in you Jelena. Positive thoughts will grow us rich. The right mindset will also bring us to the visible reality of what we’re thinking of…Great value! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love Dr. Joe Dispenza…

    Thanks for sharing the big takeaways from the event….I am planning to attend one of his events in the future

    Dr. Lisa

  6. You can have the best intentions in the world but if your behavior doesn’t match it what good is it? Doing the things to match your intentions is what will get you to your destination.

    What some people need to realize is everything starts with your thought process. You have to see yourself being successful before anyone else will. I’m a big believer of you think and speak things into existence.

    Thanks for the share Jelena!