3 Steps to Effective Video Marketing

How do you create effective video marketing strategy that fits your schedule?

Every single one of us is different. Maybe you have a full time job. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you have family or kids.

You always have to adjust your schedule to make the most out of every spare hour or minute that you have.

In this post you’re gonna learn 3 steps to develop an effective video marketing strategy.

First thing you have to understand is video marketing will take a little bit of time, especially in the beginning. It’s not gonna be easy, BUT it’s gonna be worth it in the long term. Once you’re able to develop that skill and make it your second nature. Recording my first 3 or 5 minute videos literally took me about an hour. AN HOUR! And then I had to spend even more time to edit those damn videos.. Do you think that struggle was worth it? You bet! 

Just be prepared, that your first videos will be terrible. Don’t even watch them yourself. And don’t be worried about being judged. Not a lot of people will be watching your videos anyways. I had only a handful of people in the beginning. You’ll grow your audience eventually.

However, it may take you less time to record one little video. I’m not a native English speaker, so language barrier was a big challenge too. If you’re native, it’ll be easier. Just get into the habit of practice. It won’t make you perfect, but it will make you better.

So the very first step to effective video marketing strategy is you have to map out how often can you commit. How often are you able to record and share your videos? Are you gonna do it once a week. Ot three times a week? Or maybe you wanna go big and do it every single day? It’s completely up to you, your schedule, and what kinda results you wanna get.

The more often you share your videos, and the more consistent you are, the better your business will grow. That’s pretty obvious, but that’s the real secret most people are looking for. If you do one video every day for a week, and the next week you do zero, that’s not consistency, that’s laziness.

Make a commitment to yourself and honestly say how often are you able to share videos. Another important thing to keep in mind is this – will you record one video per day and share it? OR you will record videos in bulk once or several times a week? The second one is my preferred strategy, because I love doing them in one seat, and then not having to worry about not having content to share. Choose any strategy that suits you best, and run with it.

There are 2 more super important steps to creating effective video marketing strategy to grow your business, that I talk about in the video below. One of the steps is super crucial (most people forget about it, and that’s why they’re not getting lots of results out of their video marketing). So be sure to check it out, so you can create more success in your business!

Effective Video Marketing Strategy

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32 Responses

  1. Great post today Jelena. Video marketing is so powerful, everyone should learn the hows and whys of it. Like you say, practice makes perfect. My first one was awful but now I love doing them

  2. Great post Jelena! Video marketing and using all the video avenues is an excellent way to not only build your business but dramatically increase your list as well. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Love this! The first few videos are always a learning experience. I know I need to step my game up and be more consistent. I mean I am…I need to do more. This week will be my first time doing 5 videos in a row. I want to maintain that. Thanks for sharing Jelena!

  4. You have to make it work however you can. Create a doable schedule and get it done! 🙂

  5. Great post Jelena!

    Practice makes perfect and loved your tips on your video marketing.

    First thing I always do when I start my biz time is cut a video. It gets me into a super productive state.

    Dr. Lisa

  6. Awesome advice on starting, being consistent, and conquering videos Jelena. That editing time in the beginning is something else, LOL. Thanks you!

  7. I agree, video marketing is essential if you are using the Internet to market your business. Thanks for sharing..

  8. Awesome post Jelena! As a video marketer you are correct about commitment. Making videos can’t be random. Set a schedule and stick to it! Thanks!

  9. I love these tips on video marketing. It’s so true… video is the key to results. Don’t you feel like you get to know someone when watching their videos?

    I sure do… then they become a real person and not just some text on a page… and people do business with people.


    Robert Frank

  10. Jelena,

    I really appreciate the planning tips. Having the videos completed in one sitting is a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing