Facebook Conversation Starters - 5 Ice Breakers to Build RelationshipsNeed some Facebook conversation starters ideas to get to building relationships with your audience?

Whether you have an audience already, or you’re still working on building it up, you always have to engage in a conversation. And one of the things that most people struggle with is ice breakers – how to start chatting with someone without being weird..

I know I’ve been there to where I was super scared to message anybody. And guess what – if you’re not building relationships (aka engaging in conversations), your business is not growing. Well, if you’re in network marketing, that’s for sure. This may be different for another niche.

Not sure about you, but my current main focus is Facebook – building up the personal profile. In this post and video I’m going to share my top 5 Facebook conversation starters, so you can build relationships and grow your business.

The very first thing I wanna mention about breaking the ice on social media is your intention. The key is you must stop focusing on making a sale, and focus on making a friend. This right there has made a drastic difference for me.

As ironic as it sounds, when you focus on making more sales, you rarely make any. However, when you start focusing on making a genuine connection with another person, things change. Just try it!

Besides, having a commission breath is so noticeable.. People can literally smell it a mile away when you’re just going after another sale. Be truly interested in the person you’re talking to. That’s what matters the most.

So here’s how you can actually start conversations.. without being a weirdo.

1.Find Things in Common

I’m not talking about business as a commonality between you and the other person. When reaching out, always look at their profile. Where do they live? Do they have kids? What kinda pages do they follow? Do they have a favorite sports team? Any hobbies that you share?

Don’t start a conversation from the business right off the bat. To me that almost always sounds like a pitch alert! One of the best Facebook conversation starters is showing the person that you actually paid attention to their profile and find something in common. It can be the same city, maybe same university. Heck, maybe you have the same profession.

As long as you start off the conversation with the intention to make a friend, you’re good to go! Down the line, you’re obviously going to switch the convo to the good old “What do you do?” question. And take things from there.

2.Their Facebook Posts

This is probably one of my absolutely favorite Facebook conversation starters, because it’s SO simple! And here’s the best part about this strategy – you can use it when you can’t find anything in common.

You might be thinking – but Jelena, how in the heck can’t I find something in common? I’ll tell you – when I first started online, I was 19, Russian chick from a small country Latvia in Eastern Europe. What do I have in common with everyone else? Yeah, pretty much nothing! That’s why I had to get a little more creative. 

This works if you’re reaching out to a new person, or to an existing friend that you haven’t talked to in a while. Look at what they’ve posted recently, and start a conversation. Again, show them that you care!

In the video below I share 3 more Facebook conversations starters. Once you know all of these, you’ll never have a problem of breaking the ice online EVER again. Be sure to share with your team who are building online.

Facebook Conversation Starters

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  1. What you say is truly game changing, I hope more people take it on board and build from a place of authenticity and genuine social building! 🙂

    Love the video effects Awesome!