Are Facebook groups still a valuable asset for your business or not?

Especially your own groups – do you really need to make one to boost sales, whether that’s a network marketing business or any other that requires to build a community?

Benefits of Facebook Groups #1:

Facebook groups is a really great way to develop a community of people who have similar goals and vision. Groups on Facebook are like “online meetup groups”, where you can come and meet other people.

And that’s how groups really should be treated – communities with valuable information, where people are safe to ask questions and get support.

Benefits of Facebook Groups #2:

Unlike a business page on Facebook, groups actually have the potential to go viral, when your members start inviting their friends into the group.

And considering the fact that people are more active in groups than pages, you can totally take advantage of that. Create a community that people would want to share with others.

Benefits of Facebook Groups #3:

Groups are very powerful when building a network marketing business. This is one of the main tools I’ve been using in my business, and it’s very easy to duplicate.

All you need is a Closed Facebook group where you can share information about your product or business opportunity, as well as testimonials of other people. You can use groups for social proof, so your prospects can see how effective your products/services are.

More on Facebook Groups (and the downsides)

Of course, there’s downsides with every marketing strategy. The same applies to Facebook groups. I talk about why you may not want to start your own group in the video below, so be sure to check it out.

I’m also giving recommendations on how to start one and WHEN you really need a group.

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