How to Overcome the Fear of Video Marketing

How do you overcome the fear of video marketing?

How do you increase your level of confidence?

That is something a lot of people struggle with. A lot of people that I know are introverted and not really comfortable with getting in front of the camera to record a video. That was me in the beginning too.

What’s that magic trick that you have to do to get over that fear?

So when it comes to overcoming your fears with video marketing, I always recommend one thing – just do it! You may think “well, easy for you to say – you’ve done lots of videos…“. You’re wrong! I was the most terrified person when I had to record videos in the beginning. I would sit for hours thinking about how to get it going. And then just stood up and left my computer with ZERO videos. Can you relate?

It’s definitely not easy. If it was, everybody would do it. I know a lot of people, but not everybody is recording videos. People are just scared. And I get it. That’s totally not something people do in their life. I didn’t record any videos when I was studying at school. But I do know one thing – every single successful marketer does videos to grow their business.

You have to just get over yourself, click on the “record” button and start talking. It wouldn’t be that difficult for you if English is your first language. And if it’s not (like in my case), you have to start with recording short videos – a minute or less. That’s all it takes. How do you do that? Read a book. Go to a webinar. Go to a live event. Read an article on the Internet. Take some notes. Share your notes in a video. That’s it!

Yes, in the beginning you’ll be terrible (sorry, but that’s true). My first videos suck. But you have to suck to get better. This applies to everything, and especially to video marketing. The more you do it, the better you become. Up to this day I’ve recorded probably around 300 or more videos. Practice won’t make you perfect, but it WILL make you better.

In the video below I share some more tips on how to overcome the fear of video marketing, as well as how to become more confident at it.

Overcome the Fear of Video Marketing

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45 Responses

  1. I know I had a fear of cutting videos and swore at one point that I would never get on camera and starting cutting videos in late 2013 and have cut over 1,000 you just commit and go do it.

  2. Great post, Jelena. I know a lot of people who are terrified of the camera! You’re right, you just have to do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Overcoming the reluctance to do videos can really change things for people working online. They are so popular and are a great way of getting yourself known, especially with live video so popular now.
    Thanks for a great post Jelena

  4. Till this day I still don’t like how my voice sounds or how I look on camera but…video marketing is the way to go! I appreciate valuable content as ALWAYS J.

  5. Great post, Jelena. The role of video marketing has never been this easy and there’s no need to be afraid of. When I took advantage of it, it grew my business quickly. Thank you for sharing.

  6. The best way to get over fear is to just do it!

    I remember I was terrified to do videos in the beginning. But, after my first one, which wasn’t good, I still got positive feedback from people.

    Now I’m addicted to videos!

    Dr. Lisa

  7. Good post. I think it’s more procrastination than fear. Trying to arrange everything correctly from hair to room setting.

  8. Wish I would have found this post a few years ago! Just doing it is what got me over the fear of doing videos. Great share Jelena!

  9. This post was right on time Jelena! Starting out with Instagram makes so much sense to me. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Did you write this just for me? LOL. I’m terrible at videos, always think they sound silly or stupid. Even though in have many products in would love to show “in action” when I do reviews, I haven’t been able to get over that fear. I will definitely try again!

    1. OMG! Martha, you can totally do it!! English is not even my first language, and I used to HATE my voice on audio or video. You can absolutely get over this and CRUSH it with videos!

  11. Love this and thank you !!~ I just stumble over my words as soon as the camera comes on !!~

    1. The same thing happened to me… The more you practice, the less you’ll stumble, and eventually you’ll become a PRO! Thanks for your comment Sandra!

    2. The same thing happened to me… The more you practice, the less you’ll stumble, and eventually you’ll become a PRO! Thanks for your comment Sandra!

  12. I used to hate creating videos even though I used to be a trainer so was very confident standing up in front of an audience and talking. The difference was that in a classroom environment I could “feed off” the energy in the room: I could sense if the delegates were feeling positive or negative towards me. That doesn’t happen with a video recorder and I felt very flat. I was advised to think about the video recorder as my ideal client: someone who NEEDED to hear my message and then talk straight down the lens to them. The difference was amazing. Everyone who saw the video said they felt that I was in the room talking to them personally and that they felt a great connection with me. Best tip I think I have ever been given!

  13. Repetition is the mother of all skills. At first we all sucked… you get better and overcome the fear of recording yourself with the Tips you have shared with all of us in here. Thanks Jelena ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I’ve never done video marketing and I’m usually good in front of the camera, but if I’m given carte blanche and told to speak in front of the camera without a script, I can’t find my words! Thanks for the tips!

  15. I believe people’s prime fear is they think automatically what if some of friends or family see this, what will they think of me? They know me too much. My secret is, If you have walked the streets of downtown Chicago or Nashville or any big city, tell yourself there might just be someone here who will watch your videos and make a decision. It works for me all the time. Thx for sharing