5 Gordon Ramsay Success Rules

In this post you’re gonna learn 5 biggest Gordon Ramsay success rules.

This man doesn’t need any introduction. He’s a very well known chef, who’s running multiple TV shows, and owns several restaurants all around the world.

I’m rarely watching TV, but a few months ago we started watching MasterChef and I absolutely LOVE young chefs grow and develop, very inspiring.

That’s why in this post I combined 5 Gordon Ramsay success rules.

1.Go & Get Knowledge

No matter what you want to pursue in life, knowledge is imperative for you to become successful. Without the right type of education, you’re gonna be clueless as to what you need to do. Whether you want to become an artist, or a well-known chef, or a master network marketer, you need to invest in personal development.

Obviously, you have to apply that knowledge to get maximum results. As we all know knowledge without implementation is pointless.

2.Establish Confidence

This one is absolutely vital. Developing confidence is difficult but has to be done. It’s not going to happen overnight. Belief in yourself is always super important. In order to become more confident you obviously need to get the knowledge like I mentioned earlier.

Once you get the knowledge, you need to apply it. And that’s where the magic happens. (At least it did for me). Once you start taking action in your business, you’re gonna get results. THIS is the moment you know that this business WORKS. Whether it is network marketing, starting your own business, etc. This is where your confidence is gonna grow.

In the video below I share 3 more essential Gordon Ramsay success rules, that you can implement into your business right now, if you ‘re serious about creating success. 

5 Gordon Ramsay Success Rules

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26 Responses

  1. Those are some great lessons, Gordon Ramsay was a professional football player before he was a chef. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Jelena,

    I feel in love with those kids. So passionate! #Inspiring

    Great set of rules. The ones that resonated the most for me was getting knowledgeable because it caused my confidence to grow.


  3. Nice post Jelena. I absolutely agree that we all need personal development and the right tools to succeed. Unfortunately, we can’t go to the next level without these.

  4. Gordon Ramsay is one of my inspirations being an ex-professional chef myself. Love his attitude and focus and what he brings to the catering industry. Thanks for sharing Jelena!

  5. Knowledge is so important. It is critical to keep learning new things…learn something new everyday. Investing in yourself makes you more likely to succeed. Thanks for sharing, Jelena! 🙂

  6. Gordon Ramsay is one of my favorite chefs, so I really enjoyed this post. I love and totally agree about delegating tasks to other people who are more efficient at that task than you are. My husband and I learned that a long time ago, and it really helped our business soar. Thanks for sharing, Jelena! 🙂