In the past couple of months Instagram has become a very popular marketing strategy, that brings huge results if you remain consistent with your actions. And some people question how to bring more engagement to their posts. Sometimes they keep posting and not getting any interaction, and they don’t know why.

I would like to share with you several key points that have helped me breakthrough with my Instagram Marketing. Back in the beginning of November I was just posting selfies, travel pictures, and some random stuff, I was just using Instagram to interact with my friends, just for FUN. And at the end of November I found out about Instagram as a marketing strategy, and I was able to grow my Instagram followers from 700 to upwards of 5,000+ (actually, I hit 5k yesterday).

You may be asking – how do you benefit from these followers? Not only all of these people are organic, luckily Instagram does clear out Ghost Followers every once in a while, so all of them are real people, that are going to see what you post on your profile. And a lot of these people are actually going to interact, like your stuff and comment on it. But they are only gonna do that if you are consistent with your posts and you always show up in their feed. In my recent blog posts I actually shared how you can use Instagram for your business and how you can grow your followers fast. 

And here are the key points that are going to help you get more engagement than you do now:

1)Post quality content.

As you know, and I always mention that, that content is KING! When you deliver good content on the market place, you will always be attracting people to you and your business. People will only be interacting with you if you post good content. 

2)Add relevant hashtags.

Now hashtags are very similar to keywords (like the ones you may be using on your blog or on your videos), but you don’t need any technical skills to use hashtags. Hashtag is a simple keyword that you use with # symbol, and your content shows up when someone is searching for this #hashtag (so you definitely wanna have your images or videos stand out). If you are targeting other network marketing companies, use companies’ names (#companyname), if you’re posting inspirational stuff, use #inspiration. Just do a little bit of research and you’re good to go!

3)Reply to comments under your posts with @username.

When you use @ symbol and commenter’s username, they will be notified that you replied to their comment. That’s gonna bring them back to your profile and they will possibly interact with your other posts, or they may continue a conversation on your post.


I personally didn’t think that actually worked until about 2 months ago. Re-hashtag is basically when you post hashtags in the comments under your post (just remember that you can have a maximum of 30 hashtags, not more). And the coolest part of it is that when you do that, your post goes back to the top in the search of a particular hashtag. So more people will see your post again. And it doesn’t matter whether you posted 3 hours ago or a couple days ago. But you should remember, that Instagram allows you to re-hashtag only 3 times per post. I usually do that once or twice. 

5)Interact with other Instagram users.

Just go find some people either in your feed or search for hashtags, and just comment and like what they post. If you leave a meaningful comment, they will most likely check out your profile. So always be reciprocal, that’s the key to any Social Media engagement. 

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Jelena Ostrovska

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  1. Jelena, you shared a lot of useful and valuable tips here how to increase engagement and I know you are getting a lot of results from Instagram, thank you for providing this value!

    Vitaliy Dubinin

  2. Didn’t know about re-hashtagging. Will have to look into that more. I have to admit, we haven’t paid much attention to Instagram.

  3. Thank you!! These Instagram tips will help me to dramatically improve my marketing presence on Instagram!!