Do You Need to Be a Morning Person

A lot of people are wondering – do you need to be a morning person to create success?

Do you really need to be a part of “The 5AM Club” and wake up super early every single day?

Or can you wake up at whatever time you want and still become successful in whatever it is that you’re doing?

That’s exactly what I’m sharing in this post and video below!

I’ll tell you what – I have never been a morning person when I started building a home business. I HAD to be one when I was studying at school, so I was waking up ar around 6:30AM from Monday to Friday. That might be one of the reasons why I hate being a morning person right now. So I’m enjoying the benefits of working from home – wake up whenever you want!

But when I started diving into more and more personal development, I found out that there is this so called “5AM Club“. It has never resonated with me and my personality. The first reason I have already explained in the previous paragraph. And the second reason is the time zones (which do freak me out every now and then). Since I’m in Europe, and the majority of the people that I’m working with are in the United States, most of my work starts in the afternoon and evening. So I happen to be a “night owl” rather than an “early bird”.

Moving back to the question – do you really need to be a morning person to create success? I go over the answer in the video below (this is going to clarify everything for you and the success you’re looking for).

Do You Need to Be a Morning Person?

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36 Responses

  1. Great post Jelena, People are pretty much around 24/7. What might be your quiet time, is someone else’s busy time, when I was full time seller on eBay, people were buying stuff 3am their time and also on Christmas morning, so I don’t think their are time limits today. As you say, do what suits you best..

  2. I have not often been known as a morning person. I had to be when I was working in my full time offline business but nowadays I relish the fact I can begin working at whatever time of day I want to.
    Like you, many of my connections and colleagues are in the States so being a fellow European I can totally relate to the odd hours we sometimes keep. Having the freedom to do so though is awesome

  3. I know people who wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning have success, and I know people who wake up at noon who crush it. I don’t think it’s the hour that matters, it’s the value you bring to that hour that does.

  4. Excellent post Jelena! I to had to rise and shine by 5am for work and once I was not doing that I was a wake when my body alarm clock goes off. But also having learned more about personal development and implementing it has really changed all my old habits into successful ones. Thanks for your nuggets, always a great post!

  5. It’s the weirdest thing, since I’ve gotten serious about working my business I wake up every morning @ 4am. I’m able to get so much more done before I go to work.

  6. One has to follow his daily routine but it is true that you get a lot of things done in the morning when you are fresh after a nice rest. Great post Jelena!

  7. I sure hope not because I am a night owl. Some of my best creativity is early morning when most folks are sleep. Thanks for the post!

  8. Exactly, Jelena! We should know the best time we are most productive and choose it to start the task. Normally, early morning is the right time to work with a fresh mind…thank you for sharing.

  9. You don’t necessarily have to be a morning person…but early bird gets the warm…and I stay hungry! Personally, I can’t stand sleeping in or sleeping later than maybe 5 or 6. I lose so much time!!

  10. Hustle has no time limit!
    Love that Jelena!
    I actually need to be both a night owl and an early bird haha!
    Need to start a midday nap 🙂

  11. I am a morning person by nature…

    The key is all about finding the time you’re the most productive and sticking to it!

    Great post as always Jelena 🙂

    Dr. Lisa

  12. Thanks for this perspective. I used to wonder if something was wrong with me, as I used to be an early morning person while working but now, as a home business owner…I prefer to wake up late…as long as I get my DMO done for the day. Like you said, we just have to be flexible.

  13. great post. As Americans we are all about out doing the next person. Your post is a healthy dose of stopping to reflect on what really works for each of us and not to compare ourselves with someone else.

  14. Shoot I still teach school. So I have to get up at 4 AM to work for an hour or 2 before heading to school. I do some work at lunch and try to something at night. Gotta fight to get your dreams.