In this My Lead System PRO review you’re gonna find out all the details you need to know before getting started in MLSP. 

My Lead System PRO review MLSP Jelena Ostrovska

So if you’re reading this My Lead System Pro review right now, you could be wondering if MLSP is the right thing for you, or you’re just curious how to generate more leads for your home business and become a professional marketer.

If I go back to 2013, the year when I got started in my very first network marketing company, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. And I was 18 years old, still in high school, insanely busy with everything. Didn’t make any money my first year, and made very very little in the second year. All of my friends (and even teachers) thought I was crazy that I didn’t go to college and decided to pursue my entrepreneurship dream.

Once I graduated from high school in 2014, I decided that my “university” is gonna become MLSP, after tons of research. I knew that I needed the right training to grow my network marketing business, and the things that I was doing at that time just weren’t working.

And since you’re reading this now, you’re probably exactly like me – doing the research if MLSP is that missing component inside of your business, like it was for me. So let’s dig in to the My Lead System PRO review..

What is My Lead System Pro?

MLSP is an education platform that was founded in 2008 by Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Too Schlomer. The platform is based around using attraction marketing to grow any business (yes, including network marketing).

What is attraction marketing? It is the art of positioning yourself in front of your perfect prospect as the go to person in your particular niche or expertise. In other words, instead of chasing prospects, YOU are becoming the one people start chasing.

How does this happen? You are creating valuable content that educates your prospects, and as a result positions you as an authority in their eyes, and they’re more open to working with you. When you just post your product on social media, it’s not attraction marketing.

The basis of MLSP is you have to build YOU INC. aka your personal brand, because ultimately, people don’t join companies, they join people. Network marketing is a relationship business. Period.

So let me give you an example how this works. So you want to become a real estate expert. Posting your real estate listings on your Facebook profile is not gonna work. What you can do is build your own brand and position yourself as a real estate guru by creating valuable content in real estate niche – via YouTube videos, blog posts, or having a fan page. When people are getting value from you, they are more open to working with you and buying whatever you sell.

The product that you are selling doesn’t matter (well, maybe it does a little; it has to be a good product), what matters is that people BUY YOU before they buy anything else. And more importantly, people buy from those they know, like and trust. Remember that!

I was doing it all wrong before I found MLSP, no wonder I was not getting any results in my business. So now you could be wondering – what’s included? Or how does it all look from the inside (that’s what I personally wanted to know before starting)?

My Lead System PRO Review – What’s inside of MLSP?

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In the video above I share what MLSP looks like from the inside, so if you’ve been wondering what you get, this is it! And I don’t know about you, but this is the type of video I was looking for before I joined. It’s great to see the exact components of the platform. So this will give you a good My Lead System Pro review of the back office from the inside. 

Here’s Everything You Get in MLSP:

Training – this was my number one reason for joining MLSP. I was clueless how to build my business, and MLSP helped me solve this problem. There’s endless amount of training in the back office (watch the My Lead System PRO review of the back office in the above video). 

Every week you get daily wake up calls which are amazing to get your mindset right in the morning. We’ve got Tuesday hangouts and Wednesday weekly marketing webinars where we have top leaders come out and train on what’s working right now in their business. 

Regardless of what it is that you’re looking to learn, whether it is blogging, or Facebook ads, or Twitter marketing, or Instagram, MLSP got you covered! 

Blogging platform (MLSP Sites) – you get your own platform to setup a blog, so you can position yourself as an authority online. Your blog is one of the very few things that you own online, and this is something that I personally use heavily to build my brand.

You could be asking – what’s the difference between MLSP Sites blog and any other blog. So here’s my take on it -with MLSP Sites you don’t need to pay for extra hosting, you only need a domain (name of your website), which you get on GoDaddy. MLSP Sites has amazing security and the website is lightning fast. I actually moved my website from outside hosting to MLSP Sites, and I’m getting a lot more organic traffic from Google now than I had before. 

Funnelizer – create your own capture pages for your business. The goal of any business is to generate leads. This can be done with a separate software where you create your own pages and lead people to them. You can see an example below.

Can you use your company websites? You sure can, but you’re giving all your leads to your network marketing company. And here’s what happened to me – I’ve generated a couple hundred leads with my second opportunity, and then after 60 days my company cleared out the system out of inactive members. So I lost all those leads. Take control! 


Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) – this is a pretty cool software that allows you to keep track of all of your leads that you generate. If you’re still throwing business cards all over (the ones that you collect from other people), CRM will help you stay more organized and keep your leads online. So basically it allows you to add all the information that you need about each prospect. In the My Lead System PRO review video above I show it in details. 

Free Done-For-You Lead Magnets – MLSP have created over 20 free trainings that you can give away so you can start generating leads immediately. That’s also a great way to lead with value so people associate you with great information (this builds the know, like and trust factor). 

100 Profit Product Campaigns – this is a great bonus that MLSP give you to make some upfront cash. There’s around 7 products that you can promote and make 100% commissions (with an affiliate program) minus a small transaction fee.

Affiliate Program – as I briefly mentioned in the previous point, you can make some extra money with MLSP as an affiliate. This is totally optional, you don’t have to promote. But if you feel like your audience could benefit from the platform, the tools, and some trainings, you could totally do that. When you become a member of My Lead System PRO, it’s free to become an affiliate.

My Lead System PRO Review – Can I Get Results With MLSP?Jelena Ostrovska MLSP award

That’s probably the question of every person about any business or system. Here’s my take on it – nothing works unless you do. And it actually didn’t work for me in the first year. And here’s why – I wasn’t doing the work. I simply wasn’t taking any action. All I was doing was consuming training and trying to figure everything out on my own. Moreover, I’m Russian, so it was quite a transition for me to translate every single marketing term into my language.

The big shift happened in my business when I got to work. Once I understood what massive action meant and what it takes to become successful, that’s when my biggest breakthroughs happened. I gotta say that without MLSP I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Right now I’d be in college, buried in student debt. So if a Russian high school graduate was able to get results, you can do it too! 🙂 

Why You’re Leaving Money on the Table Without Being a Part of MLSP?

So here’s why I’m a big fan of My Lead System PRO – the affiliate program. Let me get something clear first that a lot of people are confused about – MLSP is NOT an MLM, it is strictly an affiliate platform, because you get paid only on the first level. However, if you refer someone into the platform, you make commissions.

There are products varied from 30% to 100% commissions. So MLSP is a good income stream that you can build on the side while building your primary opportunity. Because here’s the thing – when you’re building your business online, you will be talking to other network marketers that are happy with their company, so they won’t join you. However, if they want to learn how to market their business, you can offer them MLSP. 

Are There Any Other Similar Systems?

MLSP my lead system pro review jelena ostrovska coachingNow as you’re reading this My Lead System PRO review, you could be wondering – are there any other systems like MLSP? The answer is – yes, of course there are. Plenty of them. You can get training all over the Internet.

But here’s the difference – it’s better to learn from people that are “in the trenches” and that know what they’re teaching, rather than on YouTube from somebody who has never done what he says.

One of the biggest reasons why I chose MLSP was that they’ve been around for almost a decade, and have stood the test of time. During the last 3 years I’ve seen so many systems come and go, and MLSP has stayed. I wanted that security.

And here’s the reason why I decided to stick with MLSP – the community. The biggest part about this platform is the people – not only the leaders that train you, but also everybody else in the community. It’s truly like a second family. I have met so many incredible people, some of whom have become very close friends of mine. 

What’s the Cost And How Do I Join?

As I usually say – home business profession is a low cost, but not a no cost. And one of the things that I’ve learned over the last few years is something you could have heard before – the best investment you can make is in yourself. It always brings the highest return.

You can get started by taking a 10 day trial for $10, or you can join straight for the 30 day trial here. After you get started, we can hop on a quick strategy session so you know what to do from the get go!

My Lead System Pro Review – Who This Is NOT For?

Well, it’s not someone who..

However.. Since you’re reading this post, I know this most likely doesn’t apply to you 🙂

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  1. MLSP is the best system I ever invested in…it teaches you how to build the most important asset in your business which is YOU…

    Dr. Lisa

  2. If one WANTS to be successful in Attraction Marketing – they BETTER have MLSP, or they are missing the boat big-time! Seriously, so much info in one place, it’s ridiculous! Great review!

  3. I was in MLSP right at the beginning and then left. I came back because the other training portals were not as good as MLSP.

  4. Awesome share Jelena I think most can agree that MLSP has been a great asset to any network marketing business.

  5. I have come to gradually appreciate MLSP. More so much so I made a decision this Jan to really start sharing it with others struggling to build their online and home based business. Brilliant Review Jelena, Loved it!

  6. Jelena,
    Outstanding review of MLSP and why it is important to you and your business. Love MLSP and everything that it represents. Thanks for sharing and I highly endorse it myself. Readers will do well to work with you on getting their own MLSP system going!

  7. Great post, Jelena.

    With courses like MLSP, online marketers/ bloggers will be able to master the skills that are required to attain online success. Techniques like attraction marketing help to get more qualified leads and nurture them into paying customers.

  8. I got tired of being “stuck” and running out of people to talk to. MLSP is hands down the BEST INVESTMENT I’ve made for myself on business. Not to mention the phenomenal network surrounding it.