Online Personal Branding - Your Guide to Build a Brand That Stands OutDo you want to know the basics of online personal branding? How do you develop a brand that stands out online?

Now let me tell you something upfront. Lately there’s been a ton of discussions about whether you should or should not build a personal brand.

Here’s why… It’s very hard to build an actual brand when you are new to the industry you’re in. When you don’t have many results to show for, what are your brand gonna be based upon? Probably not that much. 

So my suggestion for you in the very beginning is to take action on what you’re learning and get results. It could be by promoting your network marketing business, or affiliate or whichever your niche is.

Focus on creating content via Facebook Lives, or blog posts, or YouTube videos. Establish your authority like that. And THEN move on to online personal branding.

Ready to step it up a notch? You’re in the right place right now!

1.Create a Vision for Your Brand

I truly believe that everything starts with a vision. Where are you going? You gotta know what’s your end goal, because if you don’t, you’ll end up nowhere. Ever tried to find something in the room without knowing what you’re looking for? (I know, weird example, but I hope ya get me). You can never find what you’re looking for unless you know WHAT it is you’re trying to find. 

If you wanna know what action to take in your business on a daily basis, know your vision and your goals. That’s vital. So when it comes to your online personal branding, you have to know where you’re taking your brand.

Here’s what I mean by that – to where are you looking to grow your brand? Do you see yourself creating your own products down the line? Maybe offer private coaching packages? What about hosting live events?

I know this may be far in advance, but vision always comes before the actual event. Figure out where you wanna go with your brand, and then take small action steps every single day.

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2.Know Your Core Values

I think there’s no brand if there’s no core values. EVERYTHING in life falls on them. What’s important to you? This is exactly what’s going to make your brand different than everyone else’s.

Is authenticity important to you? Or is it integrity?? Maybe sense of humour? You can do what I did – google “core values” and find out your top 3 and then your number one value. Your brand is going to be built around them.

In the video below I dive deeper into each of the steps to online personal branding, as well as 3 more extra steps you need to take to develop a powerful brand.

Online Personal Branding – How to Stand Out

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Jelena Ostrovska

Jelena Ostrovska


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10 Responses

  1. Great blog post on branding Jelena. I love the suggestions at the beginning for anyone new to the industry and what they should do to get started.

  2. And just to take the vision thing a bit further, having a vision is what will keep you going on the days you don’t feel like doing any work in your business. You have to see yourself as successful before it will ever happen. Everything starts up top with your thoughts.

    Good stuff Jelena, thanks for the share!

  3. It takes time to establish a personal brand but you’ve got to keep at it so that you stand out from all the people just promoting a business.

  4. Hey Jelena,

    I truly can relate to knowing our core values. In the beginning most of us get started online to make some extra or even full time income. This in itself is ok. After all it’s the currency of this globe.

    Yet know WHY we do what we do is the key to stepping out of our personal needs and actually helping others to meet theirs too! That’s how we grow as a BRAND. Loved it. 🙂