6 Tips to Overcome Writer's BlockHow do you overcome writer’s block, so that it never hits you again?

If you’re a blogger, or you’re doing a lot of consistent writing, you know what I’m talking about.

That moment when you sit in front of your computer and have absolutely NO idea what you’re going to write about.

This was my biggest challenge when I started blogging. I was frustrated..

In this post I’m going to outline the best 6 tips to help you overcome writer’s block, so you never have any problem with coming up with content and creating awesome articles or blog posts.

1.Go for a walk / take a break

This ALWAYS helps! Whenever I feel stuck or something just doesn’t go the way I want it, I take a break, go drink some water, walk around the house. Or might even go outside to get some fresh air.

They key here is to detach yourself from your frustration and switch up your thoughts. Change things around a little bit to get your creative juices flowing. Try this out!

2.Read a book

Most people always struggle with what kinda content to create. What do I talk about in the video? What do I share in my blog post? Take a little break, and read a book. This is where I get a LOT of inspiration from. Even one little sentence can struck something and it’ll give you an idea that you can turn into a piece of content.

Another great way to use books is after you read them, you can actually do a review. I did several of them, and now doing reviews almost for every book I read.

In the video below I share 4 other cool ideas to overcome writer’s block, so you don’t waste any more time sitting in front of your computer, looking into the empty screen. It’s time for you to get unstuck! You can do it!

6 Ideas to Overcome Writer’s Block

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22 Responses

  1. Thanks, Jelena for the 6 Awesome Ideas to Overcome… I like #1. I usually go outside and get some fresh air. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent post Jelena! Number 6 is a great one, I have a “blog Post Idea” on my phone and I will basically go in and journal my thoughts and then can go back and use it later. Great tips all around, thanks!

  3. Great tips on overcoming writer’s block! Bookmarked this post 🙂

    Dr. Lisa

  4. Thanks for the advice and tips Jelena! Writers block is a problem for many people from time to time.

  5. OMG! This is so me… I am totally going to start doing this. Thank you Jelena!! You rock!!!

  6. Great tips! Sometimes, you feel like you just run out of ideas and other times, you feel like you have to catch up with all of the ideas in your head and get them down on paper. Thank you for sharing.