Want to learn how to schedule Instagram posts in a single day, so you don’t have to worry about it for the whole month?

Based on my recent research, Instagram Algorithm isn’t going to lower your reach if you’re using Scheduling Apps.

One of my favorite apps is called Planoly, so that’s what I recommend using to schedule Instagram posts.

Schedule Instagram Posts – The Look:

Before you get to scheduling of the posts on your Instagram account, decide on your “theme”. How do you want your account to look like?

Think it through. Do you want to use a specific filter on every image? Or is every second image going to be with white/black/etc background? There has to be specific consistency with your posts, especially if you want to get noticed.

Your Instagram account look is also going to help you stay consistent with the content, as well as keep it organized.

Schedule Instagram Posts – Captions Matter

Some people say when you schedule Instagram posts, that captions can be short and no one reads them anyways. I majorly disagree. In my opinion, you can treat your Instagram account as a “mini-blog”.

If you’re posting images with short captions all the time, I consider that lazy behaviour. Everybody can do it. Find ways to stand out and create longer form content.

And if you think people won’t read it, then they’re not your people. Your perfect customer avatar will read every single word. Especially, if it’s high quality content.

Schedule Instagram Posts – The Best Time

That’s one of the biggest questions – when’s the right time to post on Instagram? It’s going to be different for each account – depending on the demographic you are targeting.

When starting out with posting on Instagram, try posting at a different time each day of the week and see which one performs better. Also, use Insights tab (upgrade for Instagram business account to access those). Once you find the time, stick to it every day!

More Tips to Schedule Instagram Posts

There’s lots more tips about scheduling your content on Instagram. So be sure to watch the video tutorial below for more.

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