5 Tips to Improve Your Self Competence by John Maxwell

About a month ago I read 4 books by John Maxwell, and absolutely LOVED them!

When it comes to leadership and success, he is definitely the greatest. It’s amazing how he breaks everything down, so you start to understand leadership.

In one of the books he shared 5 tips to help you raise the level of self competence. I believe, this is a must have quality to have if you want to become a leader, so I wanted to pass these tips on to you.

1.Show up every day. I can’t stress this enough that if you want to improve your self competence in business, you have to become the person that shows up. Period. What do I mean by that? Most likely you have team trainings, or webinars, or live events. If you do – you HAVE to be there. You have to be visible out there.

It doesn’t just require to show up in places where you should be. It also requires you to show up and take action in your business. To give you an example, for me to show up it means to create content on my blog, to post on my Facebook profile and fan page. I have an audience there, that’s why I have to show up in front of that audience. Are YOU showing up consistently?

In the video below I share 4 more tips that will help you with raising your self competence by John Maxwell, so that you can finally experience that breakthrough in your business, that you know you deserve.

5 Tips to Raise Self Competence – John Maxwell

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16 Responses

  1. I just got my first John Maxwell book(I know, I’m late) but now I’m too excited to read it!

  2. Being consistent is huge on building self confidence. If someone doesn’t do video, and starts, they most likely have to build their confidence in their ability! Thanks for posting, Jelena!

  3. Love it, very useful post. Competence is a huge part of leadership. thanks for sharing..

  4. Always be learning! Love John Maxwell. Currently reading How Successful People Think. There should never be a money cap put on your personal development. Thanks for a great post!

  5. Love me some John Maxwell!

    Mark Harbert introduced me to his books and just can’t get enough of them!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Dr. Lisa